5 Things to Know About Goecha La Trek


The spotlight of the Goecha La trek is a standpoint from wherein you get to peer the world’s 1/3 maximum mountain, Kanchenjunga.

The massif’s 5 maximum peaks specifically Kanchenjunga Main (8586m), Kanchenjunga West or Yalung Kang (8505m), Kanchenjunga Central (8482m), Kanchenjunga South (8494m), and Kangbachen (7903m) are stated as “the 5 treasures of the excessive snow”.

Here are a few very exciting memories related to the path, vital records if you want to assist you with coaching and a few precise facts.

1. Superstitions and Folklore of Goecha La

It is thought that nobody has ever stood at the summit of Kanchenjunga. On May 25, 1955, Joe Brown and George Band have been the primary ones to climb the height. But, the Chogyal ruler, the monarchs of Sikkim, allowed the duo’s day trip of Kanchenjunga at the promise that they could forestall some ft earlier than the summit of the mountain because the Kanchenjunga is an dwelling house of divine forces. Due to the non secular ideals related to Kanchenjunga, it’s miles now absolutely banned on hiking this top from Sikkim’s aspect and therefore nobody has ever stepped at the summit of Kanchenjunga.

The top is of extraordinary significance to the Buddhists and the Lepcha tribe. The Lepcha tribe, called the “human beings of snow” agree with that the primary human beings have been born on the height of Kanchenjunga. According to them, their ancestors lived in Mayel Valley positioned in the back of the Kanchenjunga mountain that is the entrance to immortality and no human is permitted to go into this valley. The Lepcha tribe agree with that the valley of Kanchenjunga is blanketed via way of means of demons, or the Yeti, a shape of a satan that is living on this mountain able to shapeshifting right into a chicken or a big monster. A lot of memories of supernatural enjoy had been mentioned at the Goecha La path

2. 6 precise reports of the Goecha La trek

The Goecha La trek is loaded with greenery, lush forests, streams, dazzling desert with the backdrop of potent mountain ranges. The nearby reports encountered all through the path makes it very exciting.

1. Wooden huts and washrooms at each campsite.

2. Camping on the foot of Mount Pandim

3. Wai Wai with Lai

4. Malt Tumba, a nearby warm beer

5. Wild Mushrooms

6. Organic food…Read on

3. What is the great time to do the Goecha La trek?

Home to the Kanchenjunga top and mendacity withinside the Kanchenjunga National Park, the Goecha La trek gives you a special enjoy with special perspectives relying on which season you do the trek. From the tough iciness season to the plush inexperienced autumn season, the trek will by no means fail to amaze you. Here is what every season has to provide at the Geocha La trek.

1. Summer – End of March to May, is a paradise for chicken watchers and snow lovers.

2. Monsoon – End of May to August, is a strict NO.

3. Autumn – September to October, is the right time for stunningly clean perspectives.

4. Winter – November to December, tough for hard souls

4. How to attain Yuksom, the bottom factor of Goecha La trek?

Yuksom, the historic capital of Sikkim and the bottom factor of Goecha La trek in Sikkim, is a lovely city which could be very properly maintained. From lush inexperienced pastures, tall trees, a magnificent lake, to an historic monastery, there are more than a few of locations to go to in Yuksom that makes it a famous vacation spot amongst tourists.  This city receives its non secular significance from the monasteries and the wealthy records of Buddhism, concerning it because the “Third eye of Sikkim”. This jewel of Sikkim appears to had been preserved via way of means of the Gods themselves.

Reaching Siliguri/NJP

There aren’t anyt any buses to Yuksom however shared taxi or jeeps may be used. In case you’re coming from out of doors Sikkim, you could come both to NJP via way of means of Train or Bagdogra via way of means of flight after which take the street on a reserved or shared taxi to Yuksom.

By Train

The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri (NJP) that is a hundred and fifty km farfar from Yuksom. From NJP one need to depart early morning and attain Siliguri to take the shared taxi. In case one desires to journey via way of means of reserved taxi, one could ee-e book the identical from NJP or Siliguri. It is beneficial aleven though to ee-e book the identical from Siliguri. 

By Plane

The nearest airport is in Bagdogra, 12 km west of Siliguri and approximately a hundred and seventy km from Yuksom. From here, one have to circulate to Siliguri and use the street alternatives as mentioned under to attain Yuksom.

Siliguri/NJP to Yuksom

Road Journey

Timing: One have to continually depart NJP/Siliguri* via way of means of eight am (latest) because it takes round 7-eight hrs to attain Yuksom via Jorethang. The avenue to Yuksom is poorly lit and it isn’t beneficial to journey at night. This is no matter whether or not you are available a shared or reserved taxi.

*NJP and Siliguri are very close, most effective 20 Kms apart. One can continually circulate to Siliguri from NJP & vice versa pretty without problems the use of auto-rickshaws, buses, or shared tempos.

5. Things to recognise earlier than doing the Goecha La trek

To make sure an excellent hiking enjoy and feature a great deal certainly records to get the maximum of your Goecha La Trek

1. Unpredictable climate starting from rain and hail to sunny days with clean skies.

2. Clear and majestic perspectives of Mt. Kanchenjunga and the opportunity of tenting beneathneath its shadows.

3. The 3 viewpoints of the Goecha La trek.

4. This trek may be finished in nearly all seasons relying to your preference


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