Tarsar Marsar Trek: Complete guide


Tarsar Marsar trek is arguably the meet trip in India. Especially when it’s a redoubtable family trip, Kashmir Great  Nonetheless, Tarsar Marsar is a trip where alpine lakes take on a life of their own. It is not just the fact that you get to camp beside these royal blue, snow-fed lakes( you don’t get this camping chance indeed at KGL). Or the insulated nature of these campsites( a benefit in moment’s trekking script!). 

We see this lake from a projection, sitting 600 – 700 ft below. It’s a perfect spot to validate the majesty of the lake, with the sun rising right above it. This is until clumps of murk glide their way through the U-shaped dale and settle above the lake. The lake disappears from view within seconds! The Tarsar Marsar trip takes you right to the heart of Kashmir. From the antique village of Aru to the clearings of Lidderwat. mountains of Shekhawat to the alpine lakes. The setting of Tarsar Marsar is analogous in that it leaves you visually stunned for weeks together. 

  1. the closeness of the Lakes 

 you loved the closeness of the lakes on this trip that you didn’t get on the Kashmir Great Lakes trip. the roof on the grassy clearings of these lakes, watching the dark blue aquamarine waters being fed by snow patches. 

The sight stayed with me. you went on long walks all alone along the props of the lakes, your studies to yourself. These were rare moments on a trip, which you didn’t get down. Tarsar always gives me these moments. 

  1. Marsar Lake 

 From Sundarsar there is a secret passage over a gap that led me to a cliff over Marsar. you timed it right twice, an hour after daylight, to see the commodity spectacular. Rushing down the dale that leads to Marsar, huge columns of murk rolled in towards Marsar. 

 Sun glinted over the top of the murk throwing awful murk as they rolled in at an angle. The sight was so spectacular from your edge point above the scars, that you nearly wanted to hail. Within fifteen or twenty twinkles the murk blanketed Marsar, taking the lake out of sight. 

 Indeed without the rolling murk, the sight of Marsar took your breath down. easily, it was one of the largest lakes with the deepest blue waters that you had seen in KaKashmir.

  1.  Tarsar Lake 

 The sight of Tarsar as you climbed to the Tarsar pass is one of your favorite sections. you suppose the swish prints of the lake come from this section. you just loved sitting on a ledge, high above the lake, watching the long stretch of blue waters of Tarsar as the morning sun catches it at its swish. Every time you do this trip you take out those numerous beats to do this. You suppose the utmost climbers enjoy this a lot. 

  1. The Plains of Jagmargi. 

 The most favorite top-secret section of the trip is the plains of Jagmargi. you suddenly set up the rushing aqueduct going dead quiet, forming giant china clear pools. On your left sect were vast champaigns, stretched out in a big round arc. Somewhere in the far distance, like in a western movie, the champaigns touched the bottom of rugged hills — a sight you have not seen on any other trip before an entire big reach like this. 

 Sheep and horses grazed peacefully. As you passed, gentled some of the angels and they didn’t move an inch. But what stunned me were the flowers. It was a carpet of wildflowers, grandiloquent, white, blue, and pusillanimous, nurtured by the cornucopia of water. you couldn’t travel. Because every step you took would crush flowers under your bases.

  1. Shekwas Campsite 

 Give me the Shekwas hutment for a day and you will trade two campsites from any other trip. you just love the setting! Nestled in the junction of three green dales 

( name another trip where you see three dales cutting it’s truly rare!), a crest climbs right outside the camp.  you took off your shoes and climbed, and climbed and climbed on those soft fields. you climbed endlessly until the camp was a fleck below, perhaps a thousand bases, yet the crest had a long way to go. 

 From this viewpoint, you saw what we call Kashmir, a heaven on earth! Broad mountains, great campaigns in the dales, and an undulating terrain that can only be made by a godly source. To outdo it each of these dales had a sluice running with the sun setting on its face. you sit on a small outcrop of a rock for a long time until it was dusk.


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