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How to Know the Quality of Your Marine Plywood is the Best?

The term “marine plywood” refers to plywood that is BWP (boiling waterproof). This kind of plywood is completely waterproof and is used for products like boats, ships, and swimming pool cabinets that are submerged in water for extended periods. Furthermore, they are the strongest plywood of all types and are weather-resistant.

However, the matter at hand is how to evaluate the marine plywood quality. Therefore, to assist you, we have given you several tests to use to determine whether you received a good or defective one-

  • Just make sure to read the parameters listed on the plywood before doing any tests. It ought to be an ISI Mark. Marine plywood complies with IS:170. Additionally, look up the Commercial number. This one-of-a-kind number can be used to locate the manufacturers. Following their inspection, proceed immediately to the wood material.
  • It is critical to inspect the wood for edges while testing it. It aids in our evaluation that if it is quality plywood, all of the edges are of an appropriate thickness. Check to see if there are any ups and downs or if the surface is smooth. The ups and downs can lead to poor finishes. Look for wood veneer as well. Wood veneer is a thin covering of wood that has been laminated.
  • Straight lines or layers on the side of plywood are essential. If they are overlapped or not sufficiently visible, it is a symptom of a faulty item.
  • The nail-holding capacity of plywood can be used to determine its strength. Hammer a nail into the side profile of a ply to test it. If the layers split, it signifies there isn’t a solid link between them, making it unsuitable for use. You can also knock in the centre of the plywood to see if it is hollow or makes the same sound in all places.
  • It is critical to test the water resistance of marine plywood. To do so, cut a tiny piece of ply and boil it in a pressure cooker for three to four whistles. If the layers of the ply begin to deform, it is no longer marine ply.
  • To test the weather resistance of the wood, place a piece of ply in an oven at a high temperature. If it is delaminated, it is of poor quality.
  • A good ply should also be heavier in weight. Check the density of the wood by lifting the plywood from one side. Also, Good marine plywood should never bend.

The sale of counterfeit plywood in India is on the rise. There are numerous manufacturers both online and offline. Some customers fall into the trap of websites offering lower prices and, unfortunately, receive fake plywood. CenturyPromise Application by CenturyPly  is here to help you avoid these fraudulent websites.

CenturyPromise is a phone app developed by CenturyPly that allows you to check the quality of plywood. Simply download the app, log in, or register in it, then scan the QR Code imprinted on the ply. If the plywood is of high quality, you will receive the message immediately. The app will also list all of the product’s features as well as all of the quality measures with an authenticated certificate.

This app is completely free to use and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, including phones and tablets. It also offers deals and promotions. It also offers an E- warranty card online and is the finest option for everyone. Aside from users, dealers and retailers can use this app to check the safety and authenticity of their plywood, because who wouldn’t want to gain the trust of the public?

Final Overview

We hope that you are prepared to put your trust in the app and are aware of how to check the plywood’s quality. Consult the CenturyPromise app for more information and updates, and take advantage of fantastic discounts on great products.


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