Why do I want to Choose a Vacuum Home Lift for my Home

If you own a home with one or more floors, you may have already considered installing home elevators. Even though the concept of a home elevator sounds opulent, it can be quite practical. It can be exhausting to ascend and descend the stairs every time you forget something on the top floor. If your home contains senior citizens or people with limited mobility, an elevator can help them move between floors independently, without the need to call for help. In addition, the aesthetics of your home will benefit from the installation of an elevator. Home elevators are not only practical but they can increase your home’s value.

Choose a Vacuum Lift Elevators for Home

There are a variety of elevator types that are distinguished by their mode of operation, size, and other characteristics. Hydraulic lifts and cable lifts are the most prevalent types of these elevators. These elevators can be found in nearly every building, apartment complex, and shopping mall in Malaysia. However, neither cable elevators nor hydraulic elevators are suitable for residential applications. This is because both of these elevators are larger and have a high-power requirement. Vacuum Home lifts, on the other hand, would complement any type of home.

What exactly are vacuum home elevators?

With the use of air pressure, vacuum elevators are raised and lowered with the assistance of vacuum pumps and turbines. Vacuum Home Lift are an excellent option for residential purposes because they can easily fit into the majority of homes. These elevators are aesthetically pleasing and efficient and could be an excellent choice for your home. Let’s examine some of the reasons why vacuum elevators are an excellent choice for your home.

Vacuum Elevators Are Compact

The size of a vacuum elevator is one of the primary reasons why you should consider purchasing one for your home. 1010mm diameter is all the space you need to fit a vacuum elevator in your home. This elevator’s small size ensures that it won’t take up much space in your home. In addition, these elevators do not necessitate the excavation of a pit, hoistway, or machine room. Therefore, if the size of your building prevents you from purchasing an elevator, vacuum elevators provide every reason to do so.

They are efficient with energy

The size of a vacuum elevator is one of the primary reasons why you should consider purchasing one for your home. You could still fit a vacuum elevator in your home, even if it is quite small. This elevator’s small size ensures that it won’t take up much space in your home. In addition, these elevators consume zero power during descend making them green elevators. 

They Are More Secure

With airtight mechanical locks, breakdowns in vacuum elevators should not be a concern. These elevators do not quickly become stuck between floors, removing a significant risk factor. Since Nibav vacuum elevators come with their own dedicated structure they are very reliable, they also don’t require electricity to descend, your elevator will safely land on any floor even if the power goes out. This is an advantage Vacuum Home Lift and Elevators have over other types of elevators, in which a power outage can result in significant problems.

Elevate your home’s elegance

The circular design of the vacuum elevators provides a 360-degree view. With glass doors and interiors, you will be able to see the exterior from within the elevator, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your entire home. Vacuum elevators enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home by highlighting its style.

Our lifts come in standard colours — Pure White and Cream; you can also choose from our custom colour range, which includes silver Grey, Pebble Grey, Terracotta, Jet Black, and Gold.

The mix of Australian Technology, European components, and world-class industrial efficiency across our Southeast Asia factories allows us to offer the best of all worlds yet at an affordable level. Contact us to know more.


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