How to Prevent Computer Overheating – Tips By Fontana’s Computer Technicians

Keeping your computer cool is important because overheating can result in unforeseen shutdowns, data loss, and severe hardware damage. Here are a few strategies recommended by Computer Technicians in Fontana for keeping your computer cool.

Keep reading if you’re seeking a way to stop your computer from overheating. Computer overheating is a nightmare for gamers and people who use their laptops/desktops for work/business. Because of this, many users continuously look for ways to prevent computers from overheating.

Several modern devices can undoubtedly keep a PC cool during summer. However, the real deal is that you can keep your PC cool and prevent overheating without wasting cash on these devices.

The computer comprises numerous parts, practically all producing heat while working. The main causes of computer overheating are the Processor, graphics card (GPU), and power supply unit. 

The strategies in this blog will teach you how to keep your system from overheating and how to keep it cool.

Techniques to Keep Your PC Cool – Recommended By Fontana’s Computer Technicians

Most of these strategies are free or somewhat pricey. 

Therefore, there is no justification for allowing your computer to overheat when simple DIY solutions are available. Use these techniques to keep your pc cool and reduce PC temperature.

Ensure Proper Airflow

Giving a little room to breathe by removing any barriers to airflow is the simplest technique to avoid computer overheating and keep your PC cool.

There must be a space surrounding your computer that is 2-3 inches wide to enhance airflow. Make sure nothing else is placed in the back to restrict air; pay special attention to the backside. An external fan can also be installed to increase the system’s airflow.

Increase Fan Speed

Computer overheating is also a result of the default fan speed settings. Fans typically operate too slowly to cool a computer adequately. Another heat source in the computer is the GPU, and its fan is only turned on by software when operating within a specified load range. One of the finest PC fan controller software is  SpeedFan, which gives users control over fan speed.

Organize Cables Better

On your Computer, the hardware cords occupy a fair bit of room. If these wires are strewn about, they obstruct optimal ventilation, leading to computer overheating. Move, zip-tie, and rearrange your cords to free up more room within your PC to solve this problem.

Managing cables sounds dangerous; therefore, always turn off your pc before using this technique.

Add Additional Case Fans

The overheated PC issue can also be resolved by adding more case fans. But these techniques can set you back $10 to $20. Your system will have more airflow if you have extra PC case fans installed. A case fan is a little fan that plugs into the interior of the front or rear of a desktop pc case.

Do Not Overclock

Anyone familiar with overclocking will be able to confirm that it worsens pc overheating problems. Why? Because overclocking strains your hardware and software resources and raises the temperature of the CPU and other hardware components.

However, if you’ve previously overclocked your pc without installing a good cooling system, there’s a risk that your system could shut down from overheating. So, consider underclocking strategies.

Install a Watercooling Kit

Fontana’s Computer technicians recommend installing a Watercooling Kit. Use this procedure only after trying the ones mentioned above. High-end pcs are the only ones that can use the water cooling kit. Because of the overheating issue in such computers, even the quickest and most effective fans cannot keep them cool.

Installing a cooling water system can greatly assist in resolving the overheating issue with the computer in these situations. Because water efficiently transmits heat, the temperature of the CPU is greatly reduced.

Take Your Overheating PC to a Computer Technician in Fontana

Do you live in Fontana? Have you tried all these techniques, but your PC won’t cool down? If so, it is time to seek professional help from Fontana’s highly experienced Computer Technicians. Many reputable and reliable computer technicians offer their services at computer repair stores in Fontana, like Advanced Computer Resources. So what are you waiting for? 


Why does my computer overheat so easily?

There are typically several causes of computer overheating. If dust is allowed to accumulate over time, it may obstruct the fans and lead to overheating the CPU or GPU. The fans may go into overdrive if too many programs are running at once, and if this happens too frequently, the fans may stop functioning.

Is 85 degrees hot for the CPU?

Some people would claim that it is normally safe if you are between 70 and 80 degrees Celsius. While it is somewhat safe, it is already dangerously close to overheating because gaming at temperatures close to 90 degrees will eventually harm your CPU.

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