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How To Find The Right Size Hot Tub For You?

Are you going to purchase a hot tub? It is quite important to understand everything in an ideal manner. Talking about the average hot tub, the size should be between 7 feet square and 8 feet square. Though there are a variety of variations available. You may not believe that sizes 9 feet wide and 9 feet long are also available. The best thing is that these are space-saving spas making space for two to three people.

You will require a space which is larger in comparison to the hot tub dimensions. Why? You require planning for access to the service panel, space for the stairs and clearance for a cover lifter. Moreover, the contractor generally recommends adding one foot to the spa dimensions at a minimum while pouring the concrete pad. The extra foot adds 6 inches of the room following each side.

Moreover, the location of your future is also quite significant. A hot tub should be an ideal place. If you hold a fence, the gate should go wider in comparison to the height of your spa. Hot tubes are generally delivered on their side whether it is done by forklift or dolly. Apart from it, the help of a crane can also be taken following special circumstances.

Are you wondering about the hot tub sizes UK? The below-mentioned would be helpful indeed. There are many hot tubs that can truly fit into one of three categories: small spas for two to three people. Moreover, medium size hot tubs are ideal for four to six people as well as large spas for seven or more people.

Small Hot Tub Size

To put it in simple words, small hot tub sizes hold dimensions of 69”x 79”. When it comes to TS 240, a corner hot tub having the dimension of 78”x78” is considered ideal.

Medium Hot Tubs

The most important thing is that the popular hot tub size goes in between 84”x84” and it would be about 7 feet by 7 feet. Popular hot tub sizes UK have a variety of models. Hot tubs following these dimensions are roomy enough in order to soak with friends but it does not overwhelm your space.

Large Spa Dimensions

Probably you have a big family or you might like to entertain. Or you may need a hot tub big enough to throw in a float as well as relax in the summer. The most important thing is that a hot tub with dimensions such as 94” by 94” can truly help to go with your needs.


Have you been hunting for an ideal spacious spa? You may explore different sorts of sizes. Choose the right option to have a nice experience.


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