What Are The Common Lung Cancer Screening Tests?

Cancer screening helps to detect cancer at an early stage even before a person shows any symptoms. In an abnormality is found early, it can be relatively easier to treat. Most of the time, by the time the symptoms can be seen, cancer may have started to spread in the body. 

The common lung cancer screening tests given below are done to reduce the risk of death as a result of lung cancer –

  • Low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) – In this procedure, low-dose radiation is used to produce detailed photos of areas inside the body with the help of an x-ray machine that will scan the body in a spiral path. This procedure is also known as a spiral scan or helical scan.
  • A Chest x-ray – A x-ray is taken of the organs and bones inside the chest. 
  • Sputum cytology – This is a procedure in which a sample of the sputum is seen under a microscope for finding any cancer cells.

Who should undergo lung cancer screening?

Lung cancer screening is recommended for those people only who are at high risk for developing the disease. However, it is essential to consult the doctor if anyone wants to go in for a cancer screening. If lung cancer is detected at the initial stage, it is easier to be effectively managed as well as treated. Lung cancer screening is recommended by doctors for people who are smokers or used to heavily smoke in the past. The danger of lung cancer may be decreased quite a lot by quitting smoking. There may not be any visible signs or symptoms of lung cancer. Generally, the lung cancer symptoms will not appear till the disease will be at an advanced stage already. Sometimes, if the symptoms are visible, it is possible that people can mistake them for something else. This can result in a delay in the diagnosis of the disease. 

What should you the doctor about lung cancer screening tests?

People will naturally have a lot of doubts and questions in their minds about going for a lung cancer screening test. Let us look at some of the common questions that can be discussed with the doctor before going for screening. 

  • Should I go for a cancer screening? 
  • What should be the regularity of the tests? Till what age do I need to go?
  • What is the purpose of lung cancer screening tests?
  • Should I do any kind of preparation before I go for the tests?
  • What is the procedure for the screening? 
  • Are there any risks involved?
  • In how much time will I get my test results?
  • What to expect if anything abnormal comes up in the test results?

What are the various benefits of corporate health screenings?

Corporate Health Screenings are the norm in the modern industry. As employees of a company, they are a very valuable resource. Therefore, the physical and mental health of employees is essential for their efficiency and productivity. Organizations want to take care of their employees and ensure they are offered regular health screenings. Corporates are now providing their employees with health screenings both annual and bi-annual as part of their well-being strategy. This is extremely beneficial for both employees and employers. For the employee, it is a chance to make sure their physical health and mental well-being concerns are being addressed. For the employer, it will show that they care about the employees and want a healthy and happy workforce which can help to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism. There are customizable corporate health screenings according to the needs of the employees.  Health screenings are done under the guidance of qualified medical officers, and lab technicians on the latest, automated laboratory equipment.

Benefits of Corporate Health Screening

  • Regular health checkups will help to reduce the stress levels in employee and helps them to improve their productivity so that they perform much better at their workplace.
  • Corporate health screenings enable the reduction of health risks, make sure that the employees are physically fit and help them to be more aware of their own health.
  • Helps employees in detecting any health-related issues. This will encourage the employee to improve and work towards their physical wellness which can lead to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Produces a healthy workplace resulting in the improvement of the value of the company. 
  • Healthy employees deliver better results for the company.


A thorough lung cancer screening test that is done at regular intervals is perhaps the best security against lung cancer. Any kind of delay will lead to dangerous consequences for the patient. Regular corporate health screening is vital to the effective health management of the employees. An employee who is unhealthy, as well as inactive, will not be productive in the workplace. This is due to repeated absenteeism, lack of energy, and less concentration at work.


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