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The Many Benefits of Spring Cleaning Your Car with Steaming

To spring clean your house, you’ll usually vacuum, dust, and scrub every surface in your home until it gleams. Most people don’t take the same care when it comes to their car, but there are many benefits to doing so! Steaming cleans upholstery, carpets, and hard surfaces without using any harsh chemicals that could wear down your interior or leave behind any residue, unlike cleaning products with bleach or ammonia would.


It’s that time of year when we all start to think about spring. The dirt and grime from the winter months is starting to accumulate, and it’s time for a good scrub down. Not only will this make your car look better, but it will also help you find any repairs that need to be made. Plus, you’ll be able to save money in the long-run by avoiding costly repair bills!

One great way to give your car a deep clean is by using Bilvask, an eco-friendly steam cleaner for cars. This handy device not only cleans the exterior surfaces but can also be used on interior surfaces too! You’ll have no problem getting rid of dirt or stains – Bilvask does all the work for you.

What is steaming?

Steamgrønt is a waterless, chemical-free car cleaner that uses natural steam to loosen, remove and dissolve dirt and grease. Not only does it save you time and money by removing the need for the expensive products currently on the market, but it also provides a number of other benefits.

1. It can be used outside in the sun without fear of toxic fumes or costly accidents like spilling gasoline or turpentine.

2. Steam grønt is safer for children because there are no harsh chemicals or petroleum distillates to irritate their skin and eyes as well as damage sensitive furnishings like carpeting, upholstery and dashboards.

The benefits of steaming your car

It may seem like a daunting task, but spring cleaning for your car is actually quite easy! With steamgrønt’s patented Bilvask process, all you need to do is attach the hose to your vehicle’s exhaust pipe and wait a few minutes. The gasses will loosen dirt and grime from the engine block, exhaust pipe, undercarriage, tires and wheel wells. All this without having to get down on your hands and knees or scrubbing away! And because there’s no mess involved (aside from some water in the wheel wells), steaming is a much better option than washing or pressure-washing your car.

Plus, you’ll save time by not having to visit an auto detailer as often.

How to steam your car

Did you know that steaming your car helps to remove dirt and grime from the surface? If you are looking for a more sustainable solution, steam cleaning is a great way to get your car clean without using any chemicals.

Here’s how it works: First, fill up your hose with water and attach the other end to your Steamgrønt. Second, set the dial on the steam grønt to high and direct the steam towards all areas you want cleaned. Third, scrub away at any tough areas or stains by hand or with a brush. And lastly, rinse down the surface once everything is clean! This process can be repeated as many times as needed until desired results are achieved.


Car washing can take hours and, in some cases, days. Steam cleaning your car is a much more cost-effective and time-efficient way to clean your car. So what are you waiting for? Call us today to find out how we can provide the best service for all of your vehicle’s needs! A couple additional benefits of steaming your car include a fresh and natural scent left behind by the steam cleaner that removes any stench from cigarettes or body odors as well as removing grease stains from cloth seats. With these benefits, there is no reason not to steam clean your car this spring!


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