How Do I Fix My Computer That Won’t Start?

When a computer won’t boot, we have to run a battery of diagnostics to make sure it has electricity. The first place to look is outside the computer, in places like the wall socket and power cord. When we’ve confirmed that these are functional, we’ll move on to inspecting the motherboard, power switch, and power supply.

Computers are intricate machines with many moving parts, which means that pinpointing every potential problem could be challenging. Here’s a troubleshooting guide that can help you determine why your computer won’t turn on and how to fix it, rather than inspecting each individual component.

Issues with the power supply should be checked

Though it may be hard to believe, the most common cause of a computer failing to boot up is that its owner forgot to switch it on. If a computer isn’t responding to your commands, check to see if it is receiving electricity.

A power failure is likely to blame if neither the lights nor the fans are on and nothing is displayed on the screen. The first step is to check the whole length of the cord for damage like nicks or frayed insulation from constant use. If you notice any imperfections or if the power brick has a burnt plastic odor, the power cord is likely broken.

Make sure the power switch on the back of your power supply unit is on if your newly assembled gaming PC won’t post despite having a working AC adapter. If that isn’t the case, try connecting the device directly to the wall outlet to rule out the possibility that the socket itself is malfunctioning.

After this, if your computer still won’t turn on, the problem is almost certainly the PSU. It’s important to verify a dead power supply before purchasing a replacement. If your computer suddenly stops working and you notice an ozone smell or a high-pitched noise, it’s likely that the power supply has burned out.

Your power supply’s input voltage could not be properly adjusted for your country of residence.

Structured wiring inside

If you have plugged in your new PC, but it still won’t come on, you may want to inspect the internal cabling for any loose connections or faulty components. Particularly if you are a rookie PC builder, faulty connections between components could be the reason your PC won’t boot up after you’ve finished putting it together. Make sure they’re fully engaged at all times.

If you’re using a prebuilt system, opening the PC may breach the warranty, therefore it’s a good idea to get in touch with the manufacturer for guidance beforehand.

Before anything else, make sure everyone is safe. When you’re done using your computer, make sure you unplug it from the wall.

After you’ve removed your computer’s major components and power supply, double-check their connections to make sure everything is securely fastened. Examine the plugs on both ends of your Modular PSU to ensure it is functioning properly. After that, double check that each component is firmly inserted into its socket. You should double-check the connections between the video card, RAM modules, and CPU heatsink. Don’t forget the CPU cord and the 24-pin motherboard connector.

If your CPU has built-in graphics, you might also try launching the PC without the graphics card. Additionally, if you suspect a bad RAM module, you should swap it out. If you don’t think you can handle this on your alone, your best bet is to recruit a pal to assist you. An alternative would be to take your computer to a Laptop Repair Kharghar shop and have them do it for you.

Switch On/Off

So, the motherboard lights are on, but your computer still won’t boot up?

In most cases, a motherboard’s LED light will illuminate if it is receiving electricity. If this occurs but the fans still won’t turn on, the fault is either with the computer case’s power button or the cable connecting it to the motherboard. If you want your computer to turn on when you push the power button, make sure the power switch is securely connected to the motherboard. If you push the power button without the two being linked, nothing will happen.

You need to locate a two-pin connector, typically labeled PWR SW, among the many cords within your case. If you are confused, consult the instructions that came with your case. The next question is where the cables for the on/off switch should be attached once you locate it.

Connecting the power switch wires to the power jumpers on the motherboard is required. These are often found in the lower right corner of the board. Since these pins are rarely labeled, it’s best to refer to your motherboard documentation, which should provide a handy diagram indicating which components go where.

Turn off Everything That Isn’t Necessary

If those solutions don’t work, you may need to try removing some peripherals. Your computer may be unable to boot up because of a faulty accessory.

Turn off the computer and unplug it from any peripherals. Digital audio players, game controllers, and USB flash drives are all examples of such add-ons.

Just the keyboard, mouse, and screen should be connected when you start your computer (if using a desktop). If it boots normally, shut it down, reconnect the device, and try starting it up again. Do this over and over again until you find the guilty party.

Don’t Disturb the Battery Charger

Have you forgotten about your laptop and now it won’t power on? After plugging it into an electrical outlet, it still didn’t work?

Don’t fret; your laptop is probably fine; the battery simply ran out. When your laptop won’t power on, try Laptop Repair Near Me.

View Your Screen

“My computer seems to be on and booting up, but there is no output on the screen; what gives?”

We get a lot of identical calls, and it’s usually a screen problem. When a computer’s screen goes dark, it’s easy to wrongly assume it’s turned off. A broken monitor could be the root of your computer’s problems. Verify the monitor is powered on and properly connected to the computer. Connect the display to the graphics card instead of the motherboard if you have one.

The monitor may be powered on and properly connected, but nothing would be displayed if the brightness had been adjusted to zero.

Have you been the proud owner of a laptop for numerous years until one day it just stopped working?
If your laptop’s display is blank, but the power button and keyboard lights are on, the problem may lie in the display adapter. A computer specialist will need to replace the adapter if that is the case. You may easily check if your display adapter is broken by connecting an external monitor to your computer’s HDMI or other video output connection.

Methods for Decoding POST and Beep Codes

Do you have to wait for your computer to boot up before it shuts down?
Even if the device doesn’t turn on, its internal lights may begin to illuminate or flash before suddenly going dark. There’s a chance you’ll also hear the computer’s cooling fans start up. How do you troubleshoot a pc that randomly reboots itself?

Power on Self-Test (POST) codes and beep codes are included on some motherboards. These are both visual and audible indicators, with the former emitting a specific signal (beep code) through the system loudspeakers to inform you why the computer failed the POST.

To decipher your computer’s POST and beep codes, you’ll need to consult your motherboard’s user manual or search online.


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