Connect your iPhone to TV without visiting an iPhone Service Center in Noida

Many people face issues when they want to connect their iPhone or iPad to a smart TV. Before taking your device to any iPhone service center in Noida, you can follow some DIY steps given below to see if screen mirroring works for you without consulting any technicians. Let us see where is screen mirroring on iPhone and also how you can do screen mirroring from iPhone to any smart TV. 

Let us understand what is screen mirroring. It is a wireless technique for mirroring what you can see on the screen of one device on another device in real-time. The process of screen mirroring involves projecting the iPhone’s display onto an Apple TV or even any other smart TV. Whatever you are seeing on your smartphone screen can be shown on the TV through a Wi-Fi connection when you use screen mirroring. 

Screen Mirroring Techniques

There are various ways you may connect your iPhone to your Smart TV. There are many simple screen mirroring techniques from using a straightforward HDMI converter to cutting-edge wireless streaming. 

Wireless Mirroring with AirPlay

With the help of Apple’s wireless AirPlay technology, you will be able to mirror your iPhone to your TV in the most effortless way. This enables you to either beam just the video and audio from supported apps or stream the whole contents of your screen to the TV. Follow the steps given below for mirroring an iPhone to the TV via AirPlay. 

  • Swipe the top-right corner of the screen and open the control centre on the iPhone device.
  • Click on the Screen Mirroring button which will look like two rectangles that are interlinked.
  • Select the Apple TV or any AirPlay 2-enabled Smart TV from the list.
  • If you can see an AirPlay passcode on the TV, enter that passcode on your iPhone.
  • To stop the mirroring on the iPhone, open the Control Center again and then Screen Mirroring and click on the Stop Mirroring button.

If you still have doubts about how to mirror your iPhone, you can consult an expert at any good iPhone service center in Noida

Connect an iPhone device with a cable

For screen mirroring, a wired HDMI adapter is an easy way of connecting, especially if the Wi-Fi is not very good or inaccessible. If you have the correct cable or adapter, you will be to connect your iPhone device to a TV or computer monitor. You can consider trying this out before consulting experts in an iPhone service center in Noida. 

  • Plug in a Lightning Digital AV Adapter or a Lightning to VGA Adapter into the charging port found on the bottom of the iPhone.
  • Connect one end of a cable (HDMI or VGA) to the adapter.
  • Then connect the other end of the HDMI or VGA cable to the display screen of the TV, or projector.

You have to switch to the right video source on the TV. You can refer to the display manual in case of any doubts.

Chromecast and Fire TV Mirroring

You can share the screen of your iPhone on Fire TV and Chromecast devices without purchasing an AirPlay or HDMI adaptor by using mirroring apps. However, there may be some delays and the quality of the video may not be very good. Amazon’s Fire TV is able to mirror or cast iPhone content without any problem.  Download the AirBeamTV app for casting your iPhone to Amazon Fire TV, without an Apple TV or AirPlay. You will be able to immediately mirror the screen of your iPhone to Amazon Fire TV. AirBeamTV enables the casting of any iOS device to your TV screen, even without Apple TV or AirPlay technology.

Use the Google Home companion app to connect the Chromecast to your WIFI network after attaching it to your television. The Chromecast icon in compatible apps should then start to show. Select your Chromecast from the list of devices after tapping on it. When the media starts playing, it won’t appear on your iPhone, it will appear on your television.

The Bottom Line

Screen mirroring in an iPhone is not a very difficult process and many people are able to do it effortlessly in their homes. As long as your phone is not very old, you should be able to mirror it very easily without any issues. Most of the newer iOS software versions will work. You won’t have any trouble screen mirroring your iPhone to a PC or a Smart TV by following the steps given in this article. In case you are having any issues or are not sure about any steps, you can consult an expert at any iPhone service center in Noida to learn how to do screen mirroring at home.


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