Advantages of Artificial Insemination in Humans

Infertility is a leading problem faced by millions of couples, according to WHO. Various methods exist for treating and solving infertility. There are more infertility clinics in India, and their success rates are higher. The best IVF clinic in Noida is one of them. IUI treatments are included in the treatments provided by IVF clinics.

A woman undergoes artificial insemination when sperm is directly transferred to her uterus. This is done as a primary infertility treatment. It’s a procedure that does not take much time. It can take a couple of times to get pregnant through IUI.

When is Artificial Insemination Used?

Many issues can cause infertility. In males, it could be a defective case of sperm or blockage in the ejaculatory duct that does not allow sperm to pass through. In females, the disorder of the ovary, fallopian tubes, uterus, and cervix can all cause infertility.

If the sperm cannot pass through the cervix to the uterus or there are issues with the sperm count, artificial insemination can be used. It can be used to treat many fertility issues.

Artificial insemination is generally recommended for female infertility issues such as endometriosis, unreceptive cervical mucus, or problems with the reproductive organs. And male infertility issues such as low sperm count, weak sperm, and issues with the reproductive organs.

What Happens During Artificial Insemination?

The sperm is taken from the male partner and is cleaned and screened for any issues. Donor sperm is sued for single women or same-sex couples. Then the woman’s ovulation cycle is monitored, and the correct time for ovulation is calculated. Once the egg is released, the procedure is done in the fertility clinic.

Sperm is inserted into the uterus through the cervix through a small tube. This process is painless and takes few minutes only. A normal schedule can be resumed by the patient after the procedure. There can be little cramps and/or spotting experienced by the woman after the procedure.

Advantages of Artificial Insemination:

  1. An excellent option for single women

For single women who want to get pregnant, IUI is a better option. Artificial insemination can be done by adopting sperm from a sperm bank. The donor sperm is screened to ensure they have no defects or disorders and are washed and frozen. The procedure is preferred by a large number of women who are seeking to have children.

  1. A good cure for cervical mucus problem

Mucus is produced by the cervix during ovulation. This mucus can be thick and is naturally produced during the ovulation cycle of women. But when it gets too thick, it does not let the sperm pass through; hence fertilization does not happen. Artificial insemination lets the sperm skip the cervix altogether.

  1. Fertility medicines are not working

Fertility medication is prescribed to women when there are issues with egg production. They are also used during IVF treatment. They also help with various hormonal issues or endocrine systems. But sometimes, the fertility medication may not work. Artificial insemination is a straightforward procedure that helps with fertility issues directly.

  1. Minor procedure

Artificial insemination is a minor and non-invasive procedure. The success rate of these activities is higher than that of natural sexual activity. The procedure takes a little time to be done and is not painful. There are the best IVF doctor in Noida who can provide the procedure safely.

  1. Good for a same-sex couple

Couples seeking children of the same sex can use artificial insemination. They can obtain donor sperm from a sperm bank. The best IVF clinic in Noida also provides fertility treatments for same-sex couples.

  1. Reduced chances of genetic disorders

The sperm that is used in artificial insemination is checked for the presence of any genetic disorders. While there is a chance that some diseases can slip through, there is a higher chance of less genetic disorders in the baby conceived through artificial insemination.

  1. Comparatively less expensive

Fertility treatments, in general, can be expensive. Fertility medications are known to be expensive as they are often exported. The procedure of IVF can also be costly. But artificial insemination is known to be comparatively cheaper. Hence, they are preferred.

Final Takeaway:

Artificial insemination and IUI is a better and more effective procedures with a consistent success rate. Test tube baby clinic in Noida provides IUI treatments and other fertility treatments.


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