4 Benefits That You Only Get From A Live In Care Agency

For older people, those with disabilities, or those who need support with daily activities and lifestyle management, the concept of “care” can sound daunting and can often feel claustrophobic.

But with live in care a growing phenomenon in the care industry, users of all ages are uncovering the benefits that you only get when you partner with a live in care agency – including flexibility, freedom, and the sense of gaining a friend rather than losing independence.

No matter what stage of your care journey you are at, whether care is needed for yourself or for a loved one, here are four benefits that you only get when you contact and receive support from a live in care agency.

Care Is Consistent

From dementia to mobility challenges and more, often we find that the care required is consistent and never-ending. Live in care gives you and your loved ones the peace of mind that every unique need and potential problem is catered for, and that the individual receiving care will never want for help and support.

Care From Someone You Learn To Trust

One of the overwhelming benefits of a live in carer is that the individual can grow to respect, trust, and become friends with their carer. When a carer lives with you, you get to know them on a personal level – removing the alienation of traditional care and creating a much deeper connection and long term bond.

Care In A Comfortable Setting

In many cases, the need for care means an individual will have to leave their home and move somewhere unfamiliar. With the support of a live in care agency, those who need ongoing support will receive it in the comfort of their own home – with the added benefit of the carer helping to keep their home maintained, tidy, and hospitable for visits from family and friends.

Regular Updates For Family

We understand how difficult it can be to let go and trust someone else to take care of your loved one, especially when you know they are in need of care and support. That’s why we believe that live in care isn’t just best for those in need, but for their family members too – with our carers able to provide regular updates as to the care received and the progress of individuals under their charge.

Care You Need, Where And When You Need It

Here at Ivy Palmer, we work with the best carers in the business to deliver seamless support to those in need across Essex and beyond. By restoring peace to the homes of loved ones in need, we enable them to continue to live comfortably, in the place they recognise and call home, for as long as possible.

For more information on our live in care services and to contact our agency, visit our website or reach out directly.


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