Seek A Better Method To Get A Tight Connection With The Pogo Pin Connector

There are also some commonly used electronic products in life, digital products, mobile phones, computers, TV sets, etc., all have the main core parts, followed by the Pogo Pin connector. Every electronic product will not function without a Pogo Pin connector.  

Three performance analyses of Pogo Pin connector

1. Basic performance The basic performance of the connector can be divided into three categories: mechanical performance, electrical performance, and environmental performance.

  • Mechanical properties–As far as the connection function is concerned, the insertion force is an important mechanical property. The insertion force is divided into the insertion force and the extraction force (the extraction force is also called the separation force), and the requirements of the two are different. The relevant standards have rules about the maximum insertion force and the minimum separation force. This means that from the point of view of use, the insertion force should be small (there is a structure with low insertion force LIF and no insertion force ZIF), and if the separation force is too small, it will affect how reliable the contact is.

Another important mechanical property is the mechanical life of the connector. Mechanical life is a durability indicator called mechanical operation in the national standard GB5095. It takes one insertion and one extraction as a cycle and judges whether the connector can normally complete its connection function (such as contact resistance value) after the specified insertion and extraction cycle. The insertion force and mechanical life of the connector are related to the contact structure (positive pressure), the coating quality (sliding friction coefficient) of the contact part, and the dimensional accuracy (alignment) of the contact arrangement.

3. Electrical properties The main electrical properties of connectors include contact resistance, insulation resistance, and electric strength.

–Contact resistance High-quality electrical connectors should have low and stable contact resistance. The contact resistance of connectors varies from a few milliohms to tens of milliohms.

–Insulation resistance is an index to measure the insulation performance between the contacts of an electrical connector and between the contacts and the shell. Its magnitude ranges from hundreds of megohms to several gigaohms.

–Dielectric strength or dielectric withstand voltage is to characterize the ability of the connector to withstand rated test voltage between the contacts or between the contacts and the shell.


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