The $5 Waterlogue app for iOS may be appealing to you if you prefer the way watercolors look. The free (but heavily ad-supported) Art Filter Photo Editor for Android is one of the more affordable alternatives. With in-app purchases, Visionist for iOS is also free; the same developer also creates the $3 Oilist for iOS. For $4, iOS users can purchase additional paint styles in the app’s store for the versatile Brushstroke.

Pick a Picture

Next, look through your phone to choose your favorite vacation photo, pet image, or other special picture (or import it from a camera or computer). Make sure the resolution is sufficient to produce sharp prints at a large size. Fuzziness shouldn’t be an issue because modern smartphones can take pictures with eight, twelve, or even sixteen megapixels of resolution.

The printing service you use should provide file size guidelines. To check an image’s size and dimensions, open it in Google Photos or Apple’s iOS Files app.

Adjust the Photograph

Standard features for changing a custom painting from photo color and contrast could also be included in your art app. If not, utilize the built-in photo-editing software on your smartphones, such as Apple Photos or Google Photos.

Check the composition of the shot you want to use for a moment. If you want the subject to stand out more, use the app’s cropping tool to bring it front and center. Cropping also removes background clutter, such as that of another tourist who wandered into your camera frame.

Enjoy Your Filters

Take your time experimenting with the available filters and experimenting with different looks for your image. Many programs offer dozens of variations that can make your photo. Look like a 17th-century oil painting, modern manga art, or anything in between also check out this topposttoday.

Your app could also provide features for manually adjusting the appearance. And strength of a certain filter, allowing you to fine-tune the image to your preferences in addition to preset filters.

‘Painting’ should be printed

It’s time to create tangible art when you’ve done fiddling with filters and saved your work. At the greatest quality available. Prices vary depending on the size and printing medium. And you might be able to purchase a canvas print of your photo directly from the app.

For instance, Deep Art Effects and Brushstroke both have their own online stores. And Google Photos also allows you to order canvas prints directly from the site for as little as $20.

If your app does not provide printing options, websites such as Canvas World and Easy Canvas Prints provide high-quality reproductions. Simply upload your image, place your order, and pay.

Canvas prints are available from general photo-printing services. Such as Snapfish and Shutterfly, as well as posters, cards, mugs, and other gift items. CVS and Walgreens both have similar output offerings.

The Ideal Image to Create a Custom Painting

Are you prepared to create amazing artwork from your photo? As you choose which of your moments to be hand-painted to life, we have some advice for you.

Photography has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. We used to strap a camera to our wrists before embarking on an adventure or walking into a summer barbecue. It’s no secret that the iPhone revolutionized. How we capture and share moments, ushering in the era of the “everyday photographer.”

Sunrise and sunset, also referred to as the “golden hours,” are the best times of day to take pictures. Because they offer a relatively flat light while also providing your subject or scene with natural high and lowlights. Cloudy days can feel depressing. But they can also produce images with a lot of detail and contrast without harsh highlights and shadows.


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