How To Make Your Custom Eyelash Boxes More Appealing

Are you tired of your custom eyelash boxes looking bland and unimpressive? Is there something about them that just doesn’t quite feel right? If so, you’re not alone. Eyelash boxes can be incredibly stylish and eye-catching, but it takes a bit of know-how to get there. In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to make your custom eyelash boxes look their best. From choosing the right design to styling tips, we’ll have you packaging your lashes in style in no time.

What You’ll Need

To create a more appealing eyelash box, you will need some supplies. You’ll need a pair of scissors, a drill, sandpaper, paint, and adhesive. To make the boxes more personalized for each client, you can add their name or initials to the box.

First, cut out a piece of cardboard that is slightly larger than the lid of your eye lash curler. Then using the drill, create two holes in the middle of the cardboard. Make sure that they are large enough to fit your curler’s lens inside of them.

Next, take the sandpaper and smooth it over both sides of the holes on your cardboard lid. The goal is to make them as smooth as possible so that the adhesive will stick better when you use it later on.

Next, take your paint and fill in any areas on your lid where there are no holes or sandpaper marks. For example, if you have handwriting on your lid then you might want to fill in those areas with paint so that they don’t show through when your box is finished.

Finally, use the adhesive to attach your lid to the top of your curler lens. Be sure to wait until both items have dried completely before putting your eyelash box together!

How to Make Your Custom Eyelash Boxes

Make your own eyelash boxes to personalize your look. These boxes can be used to store and organize your lashes, or they can be a unique addition to your makeup collection. There are a few things you need before you start making your boxes:

  • An assortment of different sizes of eye pads
  • Glue gun or craft foam
  • String or ribbon
  • Paint or fabric paint
  • Scissors

Tips For Making Your Eyelash Boxes More Appealing

There are a few things you can do to make your eyelash boxes more appealing.

  • Make them unique. One of the best ways to make your eyelash boxes more appealing is to make them look different from anyone else’s. You can do this by using different colors, shapes, or patterns.
  • Add artwork. Another way to make your eyelash boxes more appealing is to add art on top of them. This can be anything from cute animals to heart-shaped stickers.
  • Have fun with it! The last thing you want is for your eyelash box to look too serious or boring – have some fun and experiment with different designs and ideas!


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