The Best NDIS Support Coordinator Qualities You Must Look for in Brisbane!

Support coordinators are the helping hand in your NDIS journey as they cater to every need and requirement of yours. Today, many private and public coordinator services are available, making it more challenging to choose.

But don’t worry. This article is specially curated with care to help you choose the best support coordinators Brisbane can offer!

Who Are These Support Coordinators?

They are helping hands to disabled people accessing the benefits availed by the NDIS. In addition, they plan to set up an NDIS plan and achieve their goals, budget, and providers. Subsequently, they also help you in many areas of your life, allowing you access to information, education, referrals, training services, budgeting, and managing service providers by yourself.

Services Offered by the Support Coordinators

They are co-builders of your life and help you achieve your goals, live independently and participate entirely in the community. Hence a support coordinator can help you with the following;

  • Explaining the working principle of the NDIS plan making you aware of the available fund options to choose the best
  • They connect you to the nearest service providers available in your area
  • They negotiate with the providers to get your benefitting service and the most affordable funding from your side
  • They connect you with local places to build communication and meet people to become an active participant in your community
  • Manage assessments
  • They receive and pay invoices to providers for the handy support you purchase
  • They create mutual service agreements between you and the support providers
  • Create financial statements for every month
  • Make claims for reimbursement
  • Resolve any crisis you face in your plan

Best Support Coordinator Qualities in Brisbane

Once your NDIS plan gets approved, you can go for a support coordinator. And it’s your choice to pick your support coordinator by discussing your issues. However, they get funded out of your plan. Check out these qualities when you look out for support coordinators in Brisbane.

  1. Ensure that you understand their communication and are comfortable working with them.
  2. They must have ample knowledge to offer unique services based on your needs.
  3. Check their reliability and availability to cater to your needs when needed.
  4. Identify the services they offer for clients with similar conditions.
  5. Check their knowledge about the things you require and need at the moment.
  6. Note the organisation’s expertise in disability, NDIS, and teaching experience on the services to choose.
  7. Check the tracking progress of the organisation toward reaching your goals.
  8. Check the travel allowances you fund for the support coordinator if the office is far away.
  9. Check if there is flexibility to change the support coordinator during your NDIS journey.


The best support coordinators Brisbane offers have in-depth knowledge about the NDIS and provide successful outcomes to achieve your goals. There are many benefits of having a support coordinator though it is not a compulsion to use them. But they are trusted partners who respect your choices and are flexible to meet your needs on time.


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