Indian future team has arrived

Sunil Gavaskar claims that Hardik Pandya and other players have a big chance to show “if the future Indian team has arrived” during the Lords exchange login series between India and New Zealand.

Hardik Pandya’s T20 captaincy in India vs. New Zealand’s series

Lords exchange IND Here is NZ T20 Live! Hardik Pandya will have a huge opportunity to compete for the position of regular T20 captain of the Indian squad during the upcoming Twenty20 series between India and New Zealand. Pandya has been given the chance to captain the squad against New Zealand because of his outstanding performance at the Twenty20 World Cup 2022. This is a big chance for Pandya and the other players to show “whether the future of the Indian team has arrived,” according to Sunil Gavaskar.

In an interview with the Times of India, Gavaskar Gavaskar reportedly said, “This tour will mark the baby steps for India’s T20 team as they aspire to mature into a team that will race for the 2024 World Cup in the Caribbean.”

Why does Sunil Gavaskar think that Hardik Pandya and other players will have a big chance to show whether or not the future of Indian cricket has come during the next series between India and New Zealand?

  • Everyone was impressed by Pandya’s leadership skills during the Indian Premier League season of 2022, when he led the Gujarat Titans to their maiden triumph.
  • The all-rounder made the most of the situation and took charge with the ball and bat. As a result of the absence of several more seasoned players, such as Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, and Shami, Pandya has a fantastic opportunity to showcase his leadership skills.
  • It is also a great chance for some of the younger players on the team, such as Sanju Samson, Shubman Gill, Umran Malik, and Ishan Kishan, to demonstrate their abilities against New Zealand.
  • Two times, once against England and once against Ireland, Pandya captained the Indian Twenty20 team. The all-around athlete has so far been effective in keeping a spotless record and getting along with the younger guys.

When they face a top-tier New Zealand squad,

Pandya’s qualifications as a captain will be put to the test. It will be obvious that the future of Indian cricket has come if he and other younger players succeed ” In terms of cricket, Pandya has transformed over the past 18 months from a boy to a man. It has been incredible to see as he has raised the bar on his performance by doing so with grace and maturity. This man underwent significant back surgery, which could have ended his professional career, and has since fully recovered. He has also taken to his duties as captain with the ease of a duck taking to the water, and it is anticipated that he will keep wearing the captain’s band for some time to come. It will be interesting to see how the younger individuals mature under his guidance.

Cricketers from India: Indian Cricket will undergo a huge change in January.

A huge change will be made to Indian cricket in the month of January, according to a report. For white-ball cricket, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is debating using two distinct captains. With the Sri Lanka T20 Series, the board has chosen to begin doing this.

“We are now considering whether or not picking different leaders for the ODI and T20 squads is the right course of action, however it is too early to confirm this. This will help reduce some of the pressure that has been put on one person.

“We need to develop a fresh T20s plan while keeping continuity once the ODI World Cup is played in India in 2023. The plan can be put into action whenever you like, starting in January. We will convene and take whatever required action jointly, “said a senior BCCI official.


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