Custom Shaped Mylar Bags Design Ideas – Need Inspiration? Look Here!

Food preservation is the major concern of food manufacturers. When you visit a store, you will find a variety of packaging in which food items are encased. Everyone comes across custom shaped mylar bags while walking down the aisle!

You have heard the term “mylar bag,” the most recent development in the packaging industry. These bags are highly resistant to oxygen, temperature, and humidity. They can keep your food fresh and in its original form for an extended period. 

A Mylar bag is a great tactic for marketing and spreading noise about your brand. So, the design of mylar bags should be in a way that stands out your products in a saturated market. 

This blog will quench your thirst for how to design your mylar bags innovatively that leave a lasting impression in your customer’s minds. 

Let’s get started!

What Are Custom Shaped Mylar Bags?

Mylar bag is barrier packaging made from highly durable and tear-resistant metalized polyester (PET) film. Shaped mylar bags also have barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, and sunlight. You can customize these bags in a variety of shapes and styles as per your preferences. These bags also have enough room for branding elements which is an excellent tactic for marketing and spreading noise about your brand. 

Why Mylar Bags Are Important

When you are in a retail market, you should be aware of the significance of packaging. Manufacturers pay attention to their packaging to preserve product – quality and convey their message. Mylar bags’ have multiple beneficial aspects that make them a shining star of the packaging world. 

Let’s discuss a few of them!

  • It is a flexible packaging that protects your product from oxygen, a leading food spoilage agent.
  • Mylar bags are moisture and light-resistant, which helps you to preserve your food fresh and improve its shelf life.
  • The resealable closures of these bags make them highly convenient for customers.
  • They are also helpful in conserving resources as less material is used in their manufacturing. 
  • Offer you full liberty to design them in any shape, style, and size per your preferences. 
  • They are lightweight and offer easy storage and handling during transportation.
  • Custom shaped mylar bags are considered one of the more cost-efficient packaging solutions than conventional packaging. 
  • Sustainability is the new hype in the market, and these bags’ eco-friendliness helps you work on an eco-friendly framework.

Creative Design Ideas for Custom Shaped Mylar Bags

A mylar bag acts as a marketing tool to win customer engagement and take your brand to new heights of success where the sky’s the limit! So, these bags should be design innovatively. 

We have enlisted some inspiring ideas to make your mylar packaging from blah to brilliant!

  1. Understand Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is key to developing and creating a packaging design that differentiates your products and appeals to your customers. 

  1. Use of Appealing Images and Artwork

It is a saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so use attractive artwork and designs that catch customers’ attention at a glance. Next, imprint your company’s slogan and name that take your branding game to the next level. For instance, when you see a red can featuring a white logo, you can instantly recognize it’s a Coca-Cola brand. 

  1. Add Some Humor

Featuring funny content makes your unique shaped mylar bags memorable. Creativity while designing your custom packaging will tend your customers to remember your brand when they see your products. You can go with funny cartoon character images and funny design patterns. 

  1. Go for Labels

Give a professional look to your mylar bags by including warning labels and product-relevant information. In addition, you can add a label comprising QR codes that allow customers to land directly on your website and social media pages. Featuring labels on mylar packaging is a great way to win customer engagement and boost your brand’s prosperity. 

  1. Choose Colors That Compliment Your Brand

Colors play with human psychology! So, choose an enticing color combination scheme that will attract your audience and grab their emotions. For example, if your business is working on a sustainability framework, go with eco-conscious colors that leave a positive image of your brand in customers’ minds. 

  1. Use of Die-cuts

A popular way to stand out in your products is to design your custom shaped mylar bags with a die-cut. A die-cut gives a refined look to your mylar bags. In addition, a die-cut mylar bag can be design to your desired shape and size. 

  1. Give Them a Sneak Peek

The addition of cutout windows gives customers a glimpse of what’s inside. These transparent windows allow customers to make an instant purchase decision as they can see whether the product is in its original shape.  Who wants to spend money on expensive cookies if they arrive in a crumbled mess when the box is opened? So, going with window patching while designing mylar bags is a fantastic idea. 

  1. Experiment With Fonts

You can play with fonts to improve the visual appeal of special shaped mylar bags. You can go with different font styles, like modern, vintage, quirky, or traditional, as per your preferences. Always remember the right font can help boost your brand recognition. 

  1. Use a Single Bright Color

You don’t need to utilize a rainbow of colors to draw the attention of customers to your mylar bag. A strong statement can be made with just one color. 

Wrap Up!

A mylar bag is a type of packaging used to protect food items and can be used for years to come. They are easily customizable to match the style of your brand. You can personalize your mylar bags by using the design ideas mentioned above. However, finding the perfect packaging for your needs can sometimes take time and effort. Don’t fret! Half Price Packaging has a wide range of options that can help you find a custom shaped bag at affordable prices. 

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this artistically designed custom packaging.


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