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If you are looking for a company intranet that allows you to communicate with your employees in real time, you may be interested in AgilityPortal. This online intranet software is designed to make it easy for you to create and manage your company’s intranet. It offers features such as access control, audience segmentation, user personalization, and decentralized administration.


AgilityPortal is a cloud-based software that empowers remote employees to work together. With the application, remote workers can engage in online training, which improves their productivity and loyalty. It also offers tailored virtual spaces for employee engagement, collaboration and brainstorming.

Companies can choose between on-premise intranet software and a cloud-based intranet. An on-premise solution requires software purchase, hardware acquisition, installation, testing, and deployment. Once deployed, the software is maintained by the vendor. Cloud-based intranet software solutions offer a host of advantages, such as increased security, innovative design, and enhanced employee experience.

A fully hosted online intranet provides all the features of a standard internet service while being more private and secure. It empowers employees to collaborate across time zones and locations, and is highly flexible. It allows companies to set up unlimited communities and customize the branding and content.

Intranet for Companies must provide a user-friendly interface. It should support user-friendly customization and allow for easy integration with existing business solutions. This ensures a positive user experience. You should also choose an intranet software that supports scalability.

An intranet software solution should have a wide range of features and applications. This includes content management, employee database management, calendar management, and private network management. Other features include activity/news feeds, activity/forums, and knowledge base management. In addition to the standard features, it should provide flexibility and customization.

Another important feature to consider when choosing an intranet solution is mobile access. The main goal of an intranet solution is to create a digital workplace for corporate communications and team collaboration. Users should be able to collaborate with other team members wherever they are in the world.


Whether you need a web-based intranet or a mobile app for your employees, Firstup has the right software for your company. Designed to deliver personalized content, Firstup connects endpoints, enterprise systems, and comms channels to improve the employee experience. It helps employers understand the behaviors of their workforce and create better experiences from hire to retire. The software even allows employers to monitor their engagement data in real time.

Firstup collaborated with Pulse, a social research company, to understand the needs of today’s workforce and the limitations of antiquated intranet software. The research revealed the most important features for an enterprise-wide communication platform. One of those features was an agile user experience, which Firstup’s software offers. A modern intranet is a flexible, collaborative environment that fosters collaboration and information sharing.

The Firstup agilityportal allows organizations to create a single, unified intranet space for all of their employees, no matter where they are located. The software lets users share documents, communicate with coworkers, and collaborate on projects. It also allows managers to monitor productivity and operations costs. AgilityPortal also provides collaborative capabilities between different locations, including knowledge sharing, rewards, and recognition. The software also supports integrations with other tools, including SharePoint and Salesforce.

SAP Jam Collaboration

A business intranet can help the company communicate with its employees in a more efficient and productive way. Using a cloud-based intranet software, such as AgilityPortal, employees can access the company intranet from any location and share files and documents. In addition, employees can also access relevant content from their mobile devices. This is especially useful if the company has employees scattered across different locations.

While deciding on an intranet software, it’s important to note the needs of each company and their specific requirements. While it’s tempting to choose the first software program that you find, you may end up with a system that is too complex or unsuitable for your needs. Fortunately, AgilityPortal has a wealth of features that make it easy to create a company intranet.

Many cloud-based intranet solutions follow a subscription-based pricing structure. Most of these solutions offer a range of subscription plans from basic to enterprise-level options. They also offer free trials. A free trial period helps you decide whether the software is right for your company.


ThoughtFarmer is a powerful tool that allows companies to turn collective intelligence into a competitive advantage. It facilitates communication between employees and improves internal collaboration. It offers features like drag-and-drop templates and a built-in WYSIWYG editor. It also has customizable navigation, page bookmarking, and filtering. Users can even post social posts and internal announcements.

ThoughtFarmer’s online intranet software makes it easy for communication teams to streamline information, facilitate collaboration, and share knowledge. It also offers a native mobile app that makes it easier for employees to access content. All content is searchable and bookmarkable, making it simple for employees to find the information they need.

ThoughtFarmer offers a number of useful resources, such as blogs, videos, and white papers. It also has career options and resources for writers and buyers. The company also offers an on-premise version of the software. And, it allows users to customize dashboards to suit their industry.

Intranet software is a crucial tool to increase employee engagement. With the right tools, it can double as a project management tool, allowing staff members to delegate tasks and track their status. It can also streamline workflows and allow employees to work in different time zones and teams.

Microsoft Sharepoint

AgilityPortal is an online intranet software designed for large organizations that allows employees to collaborate with each other on a single platform. The software is designed for teams to share ideas and knowledge, eliminate data silos, and enhance employee productivity. It features a user-friendly interface and can be used by employees in remote locations. The software also allows employees to create communities and share content.

Intranet software provides businesses with all the functionality of the Internet while being much more secure and private. It provides a single, centralized internal communication platform, allowing employees to collaborate and share files across time zones and locations. It can also be used to automate business processes such as distributing documents.

In large organizations, maintaining consistent information is difficult. An intranet software solution can help businesses streamline their processes by providing a centralized platform for information sharing and a secure corporate communications network. It can also be customized to meet specific business needs. It is a good option for large organizations that require a centralized workspace, but may not be appropriate for small organizations.

Another popular intranet software option is SharePoint. It can be used to connect employees from different departments. Its multi-language support makes it useful for medium-sized and large companies. Additionally, it can be used to send urgent notifications to all employees. It also offers integrations with Office 365 and Skype for Business.

A good intranet software solution should offer mobile access. This will allow employees to access information and collaborate with their co-workers wherever they are. It should also be easy to install and manage.


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