Five Tremendous Trends in Mobile Testing as a Service

IT testing services are constantly evolving, so the mobile app testing service process will change. Now, apps are a part of user’s daily life. That is why the main goal of developers should be to provide an application with all the necessary functions for users. In the era of IoT (Internet of Things), the way people use their devices is changing and users are setting new trends as the desire to be always connected and to keep up with new developments continues. at first. In this article, we will discuss some trends in mobile applications (and mobile application testing as a service) that will give more light on the application industry in 2016.

Mobile devices play a critical role in today’s digital age, across all industry verticals. With fast options and a growing intolerance for poor user experience, customers can easily switch to other mobile apps. Any type of operational error, device incompatibility, or operational issue can lead to lost business. As an experienced and well-known mobile app testing company, 360Fahrengeit understands the importance of business and provides both rapid and passive testing. Their highly-skilled lab architects provide mobile and automated testing services to deliver flawless mobile applications for various industry sectors such as retail, banking, insurance, healthcare, transportation, etc.

We follow industry best practices, use the latest testing tools, and have the extensive infrastructure necessary to provide the best application testing services. Our professional mobile app testers provide end-to-end mobile testing solutions to help your business achieve optimal performance metrics.

More Accentuate on Mobile App Security

The nearest year will be the year of total developer dedication to deliver and ensure the safety and security of mobile applications. The last year 2015 was not very successful in the security sector as more than 75% of mobile apps failed. Therefore, the security of mobile applications will be a major concern in the future.

Iot Will Make A Noise In The World

IoT (Internet of Things) is the thing, which will improve everything, things, and devices, and change the complexity of the mobile application development process. For example, you have a smart TV and you appreciate them, but what if you have a nice car, toaster, or refrigerator? And they will be able to get everyone! This is all because of IoT. I am sure that this act and its execution are the most anticipated.

Advanced Level Of Cloud Technology

Many people appreciate cloud technology and 2016 promises that CT will be an important part of the application development process. Today, people change mobile devices frequently. Therefore, through the cloud, they can access data from any channel and any device.

Clarity Of Cross-platform Application Development

Cross-platform application development tools play an important role in meeting the requirements of multiple applications. Many companies, businesses, and businesses cannot rely on the application of a single platform. In 2016, everyone will be able to create apps for multiple platforms because app development will not be limited to one platform. This will be done using cross-platform development tools with no coding.

Development Of Smart Mobile Applications

Why is fast mobile app development important? The reason is that every smartphone is hungry for new apps and mobile users also like to try new things. To meet the needs of users and applications, the application development process should be fast. In 2016 and beyond, mobile developers need to shorten the time from the initial app concept to the app launch.


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