Five of the Best Treks in Pune


Pune, Maharashtra is a famous city in India that is well-known for its pleasant weather. Pune is well-known for its educational and cultural scene. It is second in India’s IT hubs. there are so many treks in Pune.

If you look back at its history, it is famous for its involvement in the Mughal and Maratha wars. Lal Mahal is the famous monument in Pune, where many tourists prosper each year.

Many activities are available for nature lovers in Pune and nearby areas. What could be better than trekking? There are many places to trek in India, and Pune is one of them. Nature lovers will find trekking challenging.

It is a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful scenery. People love the city’s beauty and ardour. Youth love to trek on the famous Sahyadri mountain or at various forts. Why would a nature lover not want to visit a place that is so stunning and revered for its natural beauty? You can plan a weekend trip or a group trip to this city with your friends. Enjoy the positive vibes and beauty of the city. Below are some suggestions for places you can trek near Pune.

Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort Trek is one of the most popular trekking spots in Pune. It is approximately 80km from Pune. This fort is best accessed during monsoon. Trekking through dense forests, famous temples and waterfalls will be a part of the experience.

The trek is easy and takes only 4-5 hours. Start early, get to your destination, and then spend some time there before you return.

Lohagad Trek

The fort is located in a small Lohagadwadi community near Pune. It is approximately 70kms away from Pune. This trek is known for its stunning views and beautiful surroundings.

It is short and easy to plan. The trek takes about 3 hours and will leave you feeling refreshed and stronger. The experience will be more difficult and beautiful if you trek in the monsoon. It could be a great option for amateurs.

Trek to Rajgarh Fort

This trek starts in Gunjavne, a small village. This trek is approximately 40kms from Pune. It is also the most straightforward. This trekker comes here to feel fulfilled.

The fort is surrounded with lush green forests, which is why it is so fascinating.

The fort’s breathtaking architectural views will allow you to relax and enjoy some time in the midst of nature. The distance to the point is not too far, but it takes a lot of effort.

Visapur Fort or Killa Trek

The Visapur Fort Trek is located at around 60 kms from Pune. It has three starting points, named Bhaje village or Patan village or Gaimukh Khind. Each side of the trek will take approximately two to three hours. You can also travel on any other side.

Start at Bhaje village and follow the mud trail to the village. It is a short walk. From here, you can see the fort walls. The route from Patan village to the fort is rough and difficult.

You will see a split after a few kilometers where one leads you to Visapur (on your left) and the second to Lohagad on the right. While trekking, you will see waterfalls, temples and caves.

Duke’s Nose Trek

Formerly known as Nagphani. Duke’s Nose Trek was a favorite trek for travelers. It is well-known for its rock climbing, slackline festivals and trekking.

You will be trekking through dense forests and rugged trails most of the time. This trek is not difficult and takes around two hours.

You can reach the Shiva temple once you have reached the top of the cliff.

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