Andharban Forest Trek: Explore the Dark Forest


You can start an incredible hike through the Andharban Forest, which is dark and gloomy at 2160 feet. You can enjoy a spectacular view of the Kundalika Valley and the Bhira dam as you climb up to the top. One of the most unusual treks to the Sahyadri Hills has many starting and ending points. A certified and knowledgeable trek leader will guide you along the way.


This is one of the most rejuvenating walks in the Sahyadri during the monsoon season. Beautiful beauty is the hallmark of the Sahyadri Range, which connects the Tamhini Ghat and the well-known Konkan region. Andharban Trek is the perfect location for trekkers who want to experience the joy of walking through deep forests with breathtaking views.

It is located in Maharashtra’s Pimpri region, approximately 16 km from Pune. Imagine yourself walking down a nature trail through dense forest, surrounded with the sounds of singing birds, buzzing insects and cascading waterfalls. It’s blissful, isn’t it? All of this is offered by the Andharban The Dark Forest Trek.

Expectation :

The Andharban trek can be enjoyed in the monsoon season, so you will enjoy walking through the lush green grass and deep shadowed forest. As you walk through the jungle, you will be able to see the Kundalika Valley from every angle. You’ll also hear the small and large streams of water rushing by your feet as you cross the streams.

You will be astonished at the many surprises in this mysterious forest. The view from the ridge is amazing. It overlooks the Kundalika Valley and Bhira dam. The area also has stunning valley views and is home to many unusual plants, animals and bird species. These include dwarf kingfishers and the Malabar whistlingthrush, Jacobin cuckoos and minivets.

The area is worthy of the name “Sahyadri Nirvana”. The Andharban forest is a must-see for nature lovers. It offers an unforgettable experience on a monsoon trek. Enjoy the beautiful green hills and the incredible fur of the clouds as you trek over them during monsoons.

Trekking :

Andharban’s slow descent is the most striking aspect. It is not as strenuous as the other Sahyadris treks that take you up to the top. You will walk down a valley to reach Bhira dam from the hike’s starting point at 2100 feet. It is very light as you start your walk. As you descend, the light will begin to dim and you’ll soon be walking under the shade of the evergreen trees.

This dark, dense woodland will be your first stop on your trek. You will travel along the Kundalika Valley’s margins, with the mountains to your right and the route going straight ahead. Three major rivers will be crossed during the walk. Depending on the amount of rain, some may require a rope, or human chain. Soon you will arrive at the remote, but stunning settlement of Hirdi. This is the only settlement that you’ll see on your journey through the Andharban.

This town has a grocery store that you can buy food from. You can stop here before you descend into the Konkan road towards Bhira to have a break or lunch. This valley is home to the Kundalika river. It is well-known for its white water river rafting and other adventure activities. The second half of this hike is approximately 4-5 km long and takes you to the base village. You’ll quickly reach it by hiking on flat terrain.

The best time to visit:

The Andharban Trek is open throughout the year. The beautiful western Ghats can be explored best during the monsoon season when the once-utterly dry mountains are transformed into lush greenery.

When everything is freshest and greenest and most vibrant, it’s best to schedule your excursion between June-September. You can also go trekking after a monsoon, as the Andharban forest remains deep and retains a chillier atmosphere in winter.

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