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Female Handball Players How Much They Earn Per Match

The salaries of female compared to men’s sports very low . The difference we seen in Fifa world cup prize money which just 15% of Men’s prize money . But here today we are talking about how much a handball Female athlete earn per year . We searched allot about the female handball salaries and find some figures of amount on different sports economic sites . According to one news sources a good handball female player can earn upto “$200,000” annually. Female Handball Players.

Club $10,000$120,000
National$1000 (IHF Events)$60,000

Handball female player’s were also play in the handball league . They get annual contracts from different clubs for whom they play . Eduarda Amorim , Andrea Lekić , Alexandra do Nascimento , Heidi Løke and Cristina Neagu are one of the most earnings women’s in handball past few years . Female athletes earnings get doubled when they were selected for the top events like (IHF World Championship , European Championship and Olympics). Find more details about the upcoming sports events and their prize money at sportspayouts.

 Players CountryClubAnnual Salary
Heidi LokeNorwayGyőri Audi ETO KC$350,000
Eduarda AmorimBrazilGyőri ETO KC$200,000
Alexandra do NascimentoBrazilHCM Baia Mare$200,000

Here is the list of top paid female handball players from past few years . We are not sure how accurate were their earnings but all of their salaries information taken after a research . Find more details about female handball players salaries. Female handball referees mostly seen in the women handball championship matches and competition. A women professional referee earn $350 per match and $100,000 estimated amount they made at the end of the year.

The other referee who helps the court referee during the handball match is goal-line referee his duty is to check that goal is fair did the ball touch the goal line. He also earn $800 per match in handball league.
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