What’s the Difference Between Marble and Granite?

Marble and granite are two of the most popular natural stones used in kitchen countertops and other home improvements. The fact that they are two distinct natural stones is one clear distinction, but what other variances exist between them that could influence your purchasing decision?

Using natural stone in a remodel can make a huge difference. The installation of genuine stone countertops, such as granite or marble, not only gives a property an upscale appearance but also increases its worth. Use of natural stone has always been one of the most eye-catching design choices for a house. To this day, many property owners still like the use of genuine stone—marble, Granite, or another variety—in their home construction and design.

How Does Marble Get Made?

In order to create marble, limestone must be subjected to high temperatures and pressures. Calcite in limestone is recrystallized as a result of this combination of heat and pressure. Colour and veining in marble are caused by the addition of other minerals.

Marble in a Variety of Forms

Marble is a versatile material that may be used for countertops, floors, and other home renovation projects. Carrara, Calacatta, Emperador, and Crema Marfil are just a few of the most popular varieties of marble. It’s been proven that marble countertops are more comfortable to work on than granite ones. can assist you in finding the perfect slab of marble, whether you’re interested in Calacatta Borghini or Rainforest Green.

Where Does Granite Come From?

Formed when magma cools slowly underground, granite is composed of massive mineral crystals. The color in granite comes from these crystals. Granite is a common choice for both kitchen and bathroom countertops due to its durability and attractive appearance. Even though there are many different shades of granite, white is the most popular. The stone’s inherent specks and grains will give it a distinctive and attractive appearance. Perhaps you should think about using green, blue, or red granite if you’re after something that will stand out more. As a result of the color variance across its surface, each granite block is one-of-a-kind. There are so many shades of granite out there that you can even find granite that passes for marble. There are over 500 distinct granite countertop options available on

Different Kinds of Granite

As already mentioned, granite is available in a virtually infinite variety of patterns, with some even imitating the appearance of more expensive natural stones like Marble Manufacturers. Some granite colors are more subdued and elegant, while others are striking and sure to draw attention to your granite countertop.


When it comes to aesthetics, marble will always be a good choice because of its classic and enduring appeal. The beautiful veining in the stone will be appreciated by those who see it.

You may give your kitchen an upscale appearance by installing a granite countertop. The natural stone comes in a wide variety of colors, and it will improve the look of whatever room it’s installed in.

Both materials are beautiful, but granite will give you more design options.


Installed marble expenses might range from $50 to $150 a square foot on average. As with many things, the type of marble you buy will have a significant impact on the final price. There will be a price premium for more unusual marble varieties.

Granite is less expensive than marble yet being just as luxurious of a natural stone. Standard installation costs for the material range from $40 to $100 per square foot. The same way that this number can be higher if the marble it refers to is rare, the same thing can be said about granite.


Coffee and alcohol are particularly damaging to marble because of its porous nature. If your countertop is made of marble, you need take extra precautions to prevent stains. You shouldn’t use any vinegar or bleach when cleaning. Marble is often damaged by common household cleaners like Windex, so avoid using them. If you want to clean marble, you should only use products that are made for that purpose.


Your marble countertops must be installed by a specialist. No homeowner, no matter how handy they are, should attempt to install a marble countertop. When you hire a pro, the likelihood of something going wrong during installation drops dramatically.

Just like with marble, a professional is required to set up your granite counter top. Doing things on your own will only end in disaster. If you hire a pro to install your countertop, there will be less of a risk that it will get chipped or damaged in any other way.


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