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Christmas Coloring Pages With the help of these adorably cute, freely downloadable coloring pages for the 12 days of Christmas in December, you can help kids learn to count to 12 while enjoying the holidays. Simply print the PDF file. บาคาร่าออนไลน์ฟรีเครดิต Each of the numbers 1 through 12 has a coloring page to match this well-known Christmas song.

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This is a great method for toddlers, preschoolers, pre-kindergarteners, kindergarteners, first-graders, and second-graders to practice counting to 12 and develop their fine motor skills while also learning a traditional carol.

Coloring sheets for the 12 days of Christmas

Does your family participate in the traditional 12-day Christmas Coloring Pages? It has been my kids’ favorite for years for some reason! Then we all get together to sing “and a partridge in a pear tree,” after each of us chooses a different number and sings that line alone. These 12 Days of Christmas coloring pages are available for free printing and are an easy, no-prep way for children to learn their favorite Christmas song while practicing counting. They are suitable for children of all ages, including toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, grade 1 students, and grade 2 students.

This simple arithmetic game for December will be enjoyed by everyone, whether parents, teachers or homeschoolers. Use a worksheet for December, a math center in your school, or a festive addition as additional practice.

Coloring Pages for Christmas

Start by clicking on the text link that says >> __ at the bottom of the post, just before the terms of use. You can save the freebie and print the template by opening the pdf file, which will do so in a new window. The black and white coloring pages are in black to save you money on printer ink.

Coloring sheets for the 12 days of Christmas

The free Christmas coloring pages can be printed. Set out blank pages for kids to paint with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Children will color the picture, count the adorable graphics, and trace the number.

Christmas coloring pages for the 12 days

  • Use this 12 Days of Christmas project in a variety of ways:
  • Over the twelve days running up to Christmas, distribute one coloring page.
    Give each child a worksheet to review the numbers 1 through 12 in December, and if you decide to sing the song as a family, create a coloring book they can refer to.
    Distribute the coloring pages as a December activity sheet that may be used anytime there is some free time to fill with learning.
    You can decide to distribute the coloring pages to your group and have each person color and sing their portion on the appropriate page.

Holiday coloring pages

  • If you are unfamiliar with the song, it was first performed in England in the 1800s and ran as follows:
  • My true love came to me on the first day of the holiday. In a pear tree, a partridge.
  • My true love gave to me on the second day of the holiday season. Two Turkish pigeons.
  • My true love gave to me on the third day of the holiday season. French hens, three.
  • My true love gave to me on the fourth day of the holiday season. Four bird calls.
  • My true love gave to me on the fifth day of the holiday season. 5 golden rings.
  • My true love gave to me on the sixth day of Christmas. Six geese are nesting.
  • My true love gave to me on the seventh day of Christmas. Swans are swimming in sevens.
  • My dear love gave to me on the eve of Christmas on the ninth. Eight domestics are milking.
  • Nine women dancing on the ninth day of Christmas.
  • My true love gave to me on the ninth day of Christmas. A jumping ten lords.
  • My true love gave to me on the eleventh day of the holiday season. There are eleven pipers.
  • I received a gift from my true love on the twelfth day of Christmas. There are twelve drummers.


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