What Makes A Great Estate Agent?

If you are considering selling your home, or purchasing a property, then you may be a little overwhelmed when it comes to choosing an estate agent. The process of finding your dream home can be intense and exciting, so ensuring that you are working with a trusted estate agency is key to ensuring a successful outcome. The Balgores property group Gravesend team are always happy to walk you through the process, but in the meantime, you can find some basic attributes of a great estate agent down below.

Finding A Reputable Estate Agent Firm In Your Local Area

It is important to ensure that you are searching for estate agents who are local to the area that you live in, or the one that you intend to purchase in. Estate agents typically have a wealth of local knowledge when it comes to the hottest areas to base yourself in and where you should avoid. Don’t be afraid to pick your estate agent’s brains and challenge them when it comes to your wants and needs.

Location is a hugely important part of any property search, so you should be prepared to find someone who can assist in finding the perfect postcode. Whether you want to be close to schools, workplaces or areas of natural beauty, a good estate agent can help you on your journey.

Personality And Professionalism

Finding an estate agent that you can genuinely connect with can often make the homebuying or home-selling process a lot easier. You may want to seek an estate agent with a friendly and welcoming demeanour, but you should also be sure that they are capable of moving quickly and working for you when needed. Finding a good balance can help to make the process more enjoyable and ensures that things remain as stress free as possible.

Proven Track Record

A good estate agent will be keen to showcase their stats, facts and figures. They will be only too happy to tell you how they feel that they can best assist you. Don’t hold back when it comes to asking how they have helped previous clients and what they feel they can bring to the table for your current project. You could also enquire about what properties your estate agents have upcoming or currently listed with them.

Marketing Experience And Sales Techniques

If you are looking at listing your home with an estate agency, then marketing is an essential part of the selling plan. A good estate agent will take the time to talk you through what they propose to do as part of each phase of marketing. You should ensure that they can produce high-quality sales copy and that they have the correct equipment to shoot high-res images that will showcase your property in its very best light.

Many estate agents will showcase previous listings to give you a better idea of how they have worked on marketing in the past. Take the time to ask any questions during your initial meeting so that all points are clear.


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