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Ways of Marketing to Hispanics

The United States is currently the second largest Spanish-speaking country after Mexico. US Hispanics comprise about 17.4% of the total US population and represent a purchasing power of $1.5 trillion. With such a high market share, it makes sense why companies are increasingly trying to sell to Spanish media consumers. They are getting better at targeting Hispanic households across the US through traditional TV and radio channels. However, the same cannot be said for online marketing to Hispanics.

Many brands translate their content into Spanish, but more is needed to grab the attention of this growing Hispanic consumer market. So how can you do better? Read on to discover ways companies can improve their Spanish media digital marketing beyond translation!

Find out what “Spanish” means.

Hispanic is a person with Spanish-speaking origins or ancestry (including from Spain). A common misconception is that all Spaniards speak the same Spanish. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Just as British English is different from American English, there are many dialects and regional variations of Spanish depending on the country (or even part of the country!) they come from.

The US Hispanic and Spanish media markets comprise several groups with very different interests, backgrounds, and traditions. What a word means in the Mexican dialect of Spanish can be very different from what it means in Chilean Spanish.

Understanding cultural gaps

As in many other cultures, Hispanics integrate their traditions from their homeland into their lives in the United States, but the degree of integration varies depending on cultural gaps. Marketers tend to classify Hispanic online consumers into these three categories:

●     Spanish dominant

This group mainly speaks Spanish at home and uses most Spanish media. They are usually first-generation immigrants and have lived in the US for about seven years. If you’re targeting this group, you’ll want the bulk of your marketing to be in Spanish. And remember, as noted above, to know the regional dialect!

●     Two language

In contrast to the dominant one in Spain, this segment is a mix of foreign-born and US-born. They identify with Spanish and American cultures. The group speaks Spanish and English at home; however, they use most of their media in English.

If this group is your target audience, you should consider a “Spanglish” approach. Try mixing Spanish and English in your primarily Spanish media ad campaigns. You can do this by making English your primary language, but try to include some Spanish phrases or quotes that relate to your target audience.

●     English dominates

This segment mainly speaks English at home and uses most of its medium in English. Nevertheless, they feel connected to their origins and “at home” in both cultures through bits and pieces in marketing consideration from Spanish radio Nashville.

Focus on the culture, not just the language

While language is essential when targeting Latinos in a marketing campaign, showing elements of their culture has proven to be more effective, as noted by Spanish radio Nashville. That means showing off their food, music, sport, and traditions.

The majority of Hispanics feel connected to their heritage (as you may have noticed with the three target markets listed above). So, when designing your Spanish media marketing campaign, keep this in mind.

Consider the “right” platform.

According to CNN, Hispanic adults are the most active group on social media sites at 72% of all other ethnic groups. Some other vital statistics are that about 52% of Hispanic adults spend at least an hour a day on social media sites, compared to only 38% of non-Hispanic whites. Additionally, Hispanics are five times more likely to share posts on social media than non-Hispanic whites.

Find Latin American influencers to promote your product or service.

In recent years, digital influencers have become an essential resource for marketers to reach their younger, more tech-savvy audience. The same is true for the Hispanic community in the United States.

Currently, known Spanish-language content creators for Spanish radio Nashville include Hispanic Media Consultants. However, many other Spanish speakers may be less well known but have a larger niche market and are more accessible to your business.

Increase your business marketing to Hispanics online

In the end, by understanding the cultural diversity in the US, although you are not expected to know every Spanish dialect and tradition, you will still benefit significantly by researching specific segments of the Spanish media market you are targeting.

Do you want to maximize your digital marketing strategy and attract more Hispanic consumers?

Be sure to check out our Hispanic Media Consultants’ details to learn how to market to Spanish consumers more effectively!


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