Top 5 Sites That Provide Hacking Tools

When it comes to hacking tools, there are many different options out there. Whether you’re looking for a free online tool that lets you crack web applications, or you need to perform a complex penetration test on a system, there are several websites that offer these tools. These websites range from free software downloads to complete services that provide you with all the tools you need to hack websites.

mbc222 hack

The MBC222 hack site has been in operation since 2004. It has a low trust score, which means that it’s likely to contain malware and scams. However, the site is still quite popular among users. Because of this, there are plenty of things you should know before downloading it. Among the most important tips for safe use of the site is to avoid clicking links from unknown sources. In addition, you should use antivirus software to ensure that your computer is virus-free.

The MBC222 hack site claims to be able to hack Facebook accounts in real-time. However, it has not been regulated and asks for personal information. Also, there is no guarantee or refund if you decide to use it. This is because it is a third-party tool and not a government-regulated site.


One of the most popular hacking tools available on the internet is L0phtCrack. This open source hacking tool uses dictionary tactics to crack passwords. It also has an interface to disable or expire a user account. The program is available for Windows users. Once cracked, the passwords are not uploaded online, so only the user has access to them. Moreover, L0phtCrack is completely legal.

The L0phtCrack password cracker is a powerful tool for cracking passwords, including those from NTLM. The tool can crack passwords on Windows and Mac systems. It supports x64 processors and the latest platform releases. The tool is also available for download for free. The developer, Christien Rioux, says that L0phtCrack stands out from other password cracking tools because of the extra features it has.

Rainbow Crack

Rainbow Crack is an ethical hacking application that can break hashes by using a time-memory tradeoff technique. The program supports all the common hash algorithms and can be run on Windows or Linux computers. It is recommended that you use a machine with high RAM to speed up the process.

The tool is designed to make password cracking easier and faster. It uses a time-memory trade-off algorithm and large precomputed rainbow tables to crack passwords. It also supports many charsets and hash algorithms. The tool can also crack compressed and raw files. It is a powerful hacking platform that comes with a powerful terminal console. It also comes with a full set of security and penetration testing tools.

RainbowCrack is an offshoot of Advanced Instant NT Password Cracker developed by Luca Wullschleer. The tool is 12 times faster than traditional methods and uses pre-generated hash tables to crack passwords. The tool also supports Windows 7, Vista, and Linux. It is free to download and install.


If you’re on the lookout for hacking tools, IKECrack is one of the top choices. It’s an open source, password cracking tool that can perform brute-force attacks and cryptography tests on a wide range of networks. It also comes with an integrated security scanner and a host of other useful tools. It’s compatible with Linux-based systems, and can also crack VPN networks. It has the ability to break into any type of network, and can even be used to steal usernames and passwords.

This tool is free to download and can be used by anyone. It’s also highly effective at deriving passwords and can be used for password auditing. It uses a time-memory tradeoff algorithm to determine the strength of passwords. It can also crack passwords stored in plain text and encrypted ones. Other tools include Burp Suite, which is a comprehensive hacking suite.


Medusa is a password-cracking tool available online. The program is similar to THC Hydra but claims to be faster and more modular. It supports multiple protocols, parallel attacks, and is available as a command-line tool. The tool can test up to 2,000 passwords per minute on a local system.

Medusa is one of the top online password cracking tools. It works on both Windows and Linux systems and supports many different services. The most popular password recovery tool for Microsoft Windows is Cain & Able. It uses a variety of techniques to find and crack passwords, including brute-force attacks. The program also works on a variety of operating systems and is easy to use for anyone, no matter their experience level. Some of the most popular hacking tools include Nmap, Nikto, and Kismet. Open-source versions of these tools are available and can be used to secure home networks. Some of these programs even perform vulnerability assessments and prevent computer systems and networks from external attacks.


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