Things to do in Jaisalmer

Perhaps one of Rajasthan’s most well-known historical locations is Jaisalmer, which bears the name of the Emperor Jaisal Maharaja. This city, which is surrounded by, is renowned for its storied history, customs, and art. And just a few of Jaisalmer diverse experiences include thrilling adventure sports, enthralling safaris, and glamping.

Top 7 Activities in Jaisalmer

to visit Bikaner is from November to March. For just a desert trip, these months have suitable weather. August’s colourful travellers from around the world. On your next trip to Rajasthan, read out of the top things Bikaner that is provided below.

1. Quad biking in Sam Sand Dunes

One of the most thrilling activities in Rajasthan is quad biking in Jaisalmer. The thrill level is increased by the swirl of dust caused by the movement of the ATV. Whenever it comes to adventurous sports, quad riding is one of best items to do in Bikaner due to the ideal sand terrain plus spaciousness.

Cost: INR 1700

How to Get There: By Car, Uber, or Train Notable for: Biking

2. Visit the Grandeur of the Jaisalmer Fort

The impressive fort which encircles the city and other Rajasthan what make the city famous. These Sadar Bazar, Patwon Ki Haveli, Gadisar Lake, Jaisalmer Fort, and Sahara National Park. Among the most Jaipur is to go on a city tour. One a visit to the Sands Institute and the History Museum, if there is enough time available.

Tickets to the Jaisalmer Fort cost INR 50.

Jaisalmer Fort hours are from 9am to 5pm.

How to get There: Train, Taxi, Auto Known for: Tourism

3. Jaisalmer City: Experience Its Natural Beauty

Take a supervised photographic tour of the top Rajasthan attractions to catch the best glances of the regal Jaisalmer. take you past alleys, havelis, mosques, and forts while giving you a  the sand and sands. Carry your best camera and broad lenses Additionally, while exploring the city, stop by a few Bikaner cafés for some delectable munchies.

Cost: INR 1300 each person

How to Get There: Train, Taxi, and Auto Popular for: Rajasthani culture

4. Take in the view at Gadisar Lake

One of the most well-liked Jaisalmer sights is the Gadisar Lake. Gadsi Singh, after whom the lake was named, constructed it in 1367. One of the best parts to do in Rajasthan and one of the most rejuvenating pastimes is to go kayaking. Enjoy the breathtaking surroundings or go boating with your family and friends in this lovely lake.

Hours of Operation: 7 AM to 7 PM

Fees: Rs. 100 for a two-seater pedal boats, Rs. 200 for just a four-seater pedal ship, and Rs. 300 for six-seat rowboats

How to Get There: Train, Taxi, or Auto

Recognized for: Sailing

5. Shopping in the Jaisalmer Rural Bazaar

a wide variety of lively shopping alternatives. The top things to do in Bikaner for shopaholics include buying in the fort city. Buying favourite features to do in Bikaner because there are so many possibilities and variety of handmade goods available, including clothing, jewellery, accessories, purses, footwear, and more.

What to Buy: Jootis, camel leather goods, dolls, Rajasthani fabrics, wooden goods, jewellery, ornamental objects, and regional crafts.

Where: Pansari Bazar, the oldest market in Rajasthan, Limited amount Chowk, Surat Bazaar, Sonaron ki Baas, and the state Khadi Combination of all the designs Bhawan in Soumya Gram

How to Get There: Train, Uber, or Auto


6. Paragliding in Kanoi

A luxurious treat for the soul and mind is to soar the desert and take in the thrilling bird’s eye perspective. One of the bizarre things to experience in Bikaner is paragliding, which is thrilling but is fairly frequent in desert settings. the desert campsites organise this exercise. Additionally, it greatest things to do in Jaisalmer.

Cost: INR 760

How to Get There: By Car, Taxi, or Train Notable for: Parasailing

7. Exploring Experience Through Paramotoring

For those looking to make their trip to Rajasthan bold and exciting, paramotoring is one of the adventure sports they simply must attempt while in there. You get a bird’s-eye view of the gold dunes while motorised parasailing. You can also capture stunning images of your surrounds or simply a funny snapshot. With pilots by your side, you may drive the vehicle and participate in the adventure sport in the utmost security.

Fees: 2,000 INR

How to Get It: Train, Uber, or Auto

Adventures are well-known.

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