Kuari Pass Trek: A Perfect Detailed Guide

Mountains have a lot to offer. Beautiful landscapes, picture-perfect locations, green meadows, snow-laden lakes (in winter), and whatnot? Several beautiful destinations can be explored in the heart of the Himalayas. There are many popular treks in the Himalayas for mountain and trek lovers.

An Overview

One such sought-after trek located in the Garhwal Region of the Himalayas is the Kuari Pass trek. It is a delight to every mountain lover. The Kuari pass trek was traveled by Lord Curzon in the year 1905 and hence it is also named as Lord Curzon trail. What makes it different is you will get to see a different landscape after every few steps. 

This famous trek is housed at Nanda Devi Reserve. Kuari Pass trek offers stunning views of famous Mountain ranges like Mana, Chaukhamba range, Kamet, and Abl Gamin. Other peaks which can be seen from here are Neelkanth, Dronagiri, Rishi Pahad, Changbang, and Hathi Ghoda Parbat.

It is a famous trek in winter as the snow is just the right amount and the views are spectacular.

Why Kuari Pass Trek?

There are many reasons why a trekker shall choose to go on Kuari Pass Trek. 

First, you get prime access to the amazing view of Mt Nanda Devi. If you travel from Gorson Bugyal to Auli you see Mt Nanda Devi peak. There are many more peaks you can see when you are here.

The second reason to go on this trek is the presence of magical oak forests while you are on your way to your destination. Not every trek has to offer these oak forests covered in snow. However, their main presence is in the Uttarakhand state of India. The trail in the forest is not very steep and gives you an easy walk. Treks of Brahmatal and Roopkund have steep oak forests unlike here at Kuari Pass. 

Passing through this forest trail takes will take not more than 2 hours but these two hours must be the best phase in the overall journey.

The third reason is the Gorson Bugyal. When you reach this place, one side offers you the views of Mt Nanda Devi and Dronagiri and the other side offers you the huge green grasslands. The grasslands of Kuari Pass change their views with the change in weather. Like, you will see the greenery in autumn and the fall of leaves in late autumn gives it a golden color. Winters mean snow and the views are spectacular of the snow-covered large fields.

How to reach

Can have four ways to reach Kuari Pass. A brief description of the same is below:

Route 1.

Start from ghat in the Nandakini Valley located 19km from Nandprayag. Starting from Ghat to Ramni to Sarkot to Pana to Irani, Sanatoli to Kuari Pass.

Route 2.

Joshimath, Auli to Kuari Pass-start from Auli and find your way to Kuari passing through the lush green forests and the views of the Himalayas. When you travel from Tali to Chitrakantha you can find a goat track as there is no provision for horses and mules to go there.

Route 3.

Joshimath to Mirag to Tugasi to Kuari Pass- this trek route is among those not interested in the bugyals of Gorson. Starting from Joshimath you reach Kuari Pass via Mirag, Tugasi, and Khulara.

Route 4.

Tapovan to Kuari Pass- Tapovan is 16km from Joshimath. You will find yourself passing through the divine Tapovan Valley and the place has got its name from two words which mean Meditation in the forest. Sages used to do meditation in the deep forests in the ancient era hence the name Tapovan.

The route might be the shortest of all but the trail is steep and the climb is difficult hence, makes it tiring.


The average temperature in summer remains between 19 to 29 degrees Celsius. The temperature in winter fall to as low as -8 degree Celsius and rise to 12 degrees Celsius.

Summers range from April to June and can be considered for travel as the weather is pleasant.

Monsoon in mountains is a bit tricky. Roads turn slippery and muddy. Hence, it is best to avoid travel during monsoons.

The end of the rainy season marks the beginning of spring and there is greenery all around. Views are spell bounded and a great time for travel.

Winters are difficult again but trekkers like to travel in winter. Hence, it is advisable to carry heavy woolens along.  

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