Jhalana Safari Park Jaipur | Safari Timing & Best Time to Visit


Jhalana leopard Safari Park is a zoo located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The park was founded by the Maharaja of Jaipur in 1974 and opened to the public in 1976. It is one of the largest zoos in India with more than 2 million visitors each year. The park is also home to several species of animals including elephants, lions, tigers, bears, elephants and more!

Safari is an exciting adventure

Safari is an exciting adventure. The safari is a trip to see wild animals in their natural habitat. The park is a tour of the park where you can also see elephants, tigers and other species at play.

The best time to visit Jhalana Safari Park Jaipur is between April and September when the weather is pleasant (temperature ranges between 20-25 degrees Celsius).

You can have a safari across India, Africa, or even Madagascar.

You can have a safari across India, Africa, or even Madagascar. In fact, there are many different kinds of animals to see in each of these places. You will get to see the animals in their natural habitat and get up close to them as well. This is an amazing opportunity for people who love nature and want to experience things they never thought possible before!

More than 2 million people visit the park each year.

The park is located in Jaipur, India. It’s a popular tourist destination for both Indians and foreigners alike. More than 2 million people visit the park each year to see its animals, birds and other wildlife.

The safari park was opened in 1984 by Raja Kishore Singh who was inspired by his love for wildlife conservation. He wanted to create an opportunity for people from all walks of life to encounter these animals firsthand so that they could better understand them and protect them from extinction later on down the line (and maybe even travel back home with some as souvenirs).

Before you go to Jhalana, you can see the animals at other parks.

You can also see animals at other parks. There are many safari parks in Jaipur, which show you the animals in their natural habitat. Some of these parks include:

Jhalana Safari Park

Chokhi Dhani Wildlife Sanctuary

Rajasthan Zoo

These parks are all over India, so it’s easy to plan your trip.

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to spend your time, then the safari park is the perfect place. There are many different types of safari parks in India, including Jhalana Safari Park Jaipur, which has been opened since 2013. The park has over 60 animals on display at any time, including tigers and lions!

There are many different types of safari parks in India that cater to different types of visitors: there are big cities like Delhi or Mumbai where people can go out on an adventure with their friends; but also small villages where they can meet up with their family members over lunchtime tea time drinks (or whatever). This makes them perfect places where everyone can enjoy themselves without having too much hassle getting around town on foot!

You will have a chance to meet the various species of animals in the wild.

In a safari, you will have a chance to meet the various species of animals in the wild. The animals are kept in enclosures and not free to roam around. This means that they may not be in their natural habitat or even their natural environment at all times.

Jhalana Safari Park is not just about wild animals

Jhalana Safari Park is not just about wild animals. There are many other activities you can do here, such as bird watching and reptile shows. You will also be able to see children’s rides, butterfly gardens and much more.

The park has been created by Mr. Gurmeet Singh who wants people to enjoy their lives while they are at the park by keeping it very clean and having good food available for them all day long so that visitors will want to come back again and again!

There are also many reptiles and birds here as well.

There are also many reptiles and birds here as well. From the common Indian python to the viper, you can see all types of snakes here. The most famous of them all is the Indian Cobra which is known for its poisonous bite but not much harm done to humans because it’s only used as a pet or food source in some parts of India.

Another animal that you will definitely love seeing is a tarantula! These spiders are very large with hairy bodies that look like leathery sandpaper covered in fur! They also have huge fangs which make them look even more terrifying than their namesakes do (the tarantula).

You can also meet some insects here at Jhalana Safari Park Jaipur such as ladybugs or mealy bugs (both are harmless) but if you really want something exciting then try finding these creatures during your visit: locusts! Locusts swarm around trees like leaves so don’t be surprised if one lands on your arm when hiking through this park; however since they’re not scary we recommend keeping an eye out for them just so everyone knows what kind of experience everyone else has had when visiting this place together 😉

If you aren’t sure if this is the kind of activity that you want to do, look into some of the other options

If you’re not sure if this is the kind of activity that you want to do, look into some of the other options. You can visit a park like the Jhalana Safari Park Jaipur on your own and enjoy it as much as possible with your family and friends. Or if money is an issue for you, there are many ways that you can still enjoy this experience without breaking the bank.

The cost of entry at Jhalana Safari Park Jaipur varies depending on what time of year it is and how long ago someone last visited:

Summertime – Rs 5 per person

Wintertime – Rs 7 per person


Jhalana Safari Park is a great place to go with family and friends. You can visit this park in Jaipur, India or any other city around the world. There are many other parks where you can see animals from all over India, Africa or Madagascar. If Jhalana Safari Park isn’t your cup of tea, then there are plenty of other options available.

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