The Best NLP Institute In Dubai Is Nlptech

Certified NLP Practitioner And Coach

This “Certified NLP Practitioner and Coach” program, accredited by ABNLP, ABH, ICF, ISNS, and IAPCCT, is the only program in Asia and the Middle East that accepts NLP + Coaching + Hypnosis + Meta-NLP programs.

This workshop is for entrepreneurs, managers, marketers, employees, parents, students, homemakers, and anyone who wants to experience and practice NLP skills for professional development and personal empowerment.

It is the perfect program to enable participants to achieve personal change in their own lives and to start working as a coach (executive coach, life coach, leadership coach, etc.). NLP institute in Dubai.


NLP prerequisites (belief in perfectionism)

Communication patterns (suppression, distortion, and generalization).

Sensory accuracy and calibration

Constructing meaning

Persuasive language to get what you want from others

Integrating the parties (conflict resolution)

Representation systems

Metaprograms (proximity-distance, big part-small part, matching, pair selection)

Basic elements of a timeline

Training with the timeline

Tailored to your needs

Perception detection: how to understand others better and avoid conflicts?

How to get rid of bad memories

The Circle of Excellence

Submodalities and applications

Developing new behaviors

Anchoring (using resource spaces where appropriate)

Destroying anchors

Changing limiting beliefs

Developing new and strong beliefs

Flywheel model

Rapid phobia technique


Logical levels

Walt Disney’s strategy

Six-stage redesign

Introduction to coaching models

Metamodel (how challenges affect the limits people set for themselves)

The main coaching tool

Coaching with values

Well-being coaching models

How to organize a hypnosis session

Preparation for trance

Basic induction of hypnosis

Erickson hypnosis (Milton model)

In-depth techniques

Post-hypnotic suggestion


Whoever you are, whatever you do, this program is for YOU! Transforming the lives of business professionals into the lives of people at home.

Entrepreneurs and managers will learn techniques to increase sales and motivate staff.

Salespeople learn how to communicate effectively and persuasively with customers.

Employees learn to work effectively with colleagues and supervisors.

Parents learn how to guide their children toward a better future.

Students gain confidence and broaden their horizons.

Coaches learn models, techniques, and processes to help people make changes, achieve what they want, and achieve excellence.

NLP can help you significantly improve your communication and influencing skills. In addition, practicing NLP techniques can increase your resistance and ability to change, just as exercising in the gym can improve your physical strength, flexibility, and stamina.

In business, NLP can improve your performance by helping you to develop your leadership, sales, management, and interpersonal skills. In your personal life, it can help you connect with your purpose, overcome obstacles and walk the path of a hero or heroine.

Programming For Success

NLP can develop your existing communication skills so that you can increase your influence, create change easily and improve your ability to connect with people. NLP helps you improve your ability to speak and listen to others persuasively so that they feel understood.

Using NLP techniques, you can speak the language of your audience, so your words have a greater impact and you can easily create change by identifying the behavioral patterns that prevent you from achieving your goals. In short, NLP helps you on the road to SUCCESS.

All NLP courses are accredited by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP, USA) and are conducted in accordance with the ABNLP Code of Ethics.

The NLP Coaching Academy is officially accredited by the ICF and the course is led by Vikram Dhar, a certified NLP coach, Meta-NLP coach, and ICF mentor coach.

Our program is approved by the ICF on the following criteria.

21 hours (basic skills) of ICF-CCE course.

This program will help you meet part of the requirements for ICF ACC or PCC certification via the ACSTH or ACTP route (subject to certain conditions). This program is intended for participants who wish to obtain ICF certification.


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