Capsular Contracture After Breast Reconstruction- What Is It, And What Are The Complications Related To It? 

Are you accustomed to the research results these days? It is said that one out of every eight women is diagnosed with cancer these days. As far as the matter is shocking, it is something that is to be brought under observation. And somehow, breast augmentation is connected to this very fact. When a woman goes through cancer surgery, the breast region becomes pretty heavy for a woman, and that is why they attempt to go through with breast augmentation.

According to reports, it has been seen that women think that breast implants can provide them with a completely different look. And when with these thoughts, the number of breast implants is increasing, capsular contracture after breast reconstruction is increasing at rapid rates. Well, other than just capsular contracture, bad liposuction is also increasing. But then, nothing can be done when these cosmetic surgeries are thought to be the key to changing body features.

Facts have been stated that this situation is quite normal, it does boost confidence in women, and to be put in simple words, to some women, it has come as a blessing too. But then, the complications cannot be ignored fully. There can be more than just a complication. Painful breast implants or hard implants are one of them. And capsular contracture is one of the most significant complications. But what exactly is capsular contracture after breast reconstruction? Let us see.

What Is Capsular Contracture After Breast Reconstruction? 

This is the method in which the skin that is present just below the breast or, better to say, at the bottom of the areola is simply cut open by the performing surgeon. After this, a small pocket is dissected under the breast. Then, a muscle is known to be positioned as the implant. After this, when the cut still remains open, it is stitched back before it gets covered with a dressing.

Sometimes this surgery is known to be a success, and unfortunately, sometimes, it is not. In the cases of some women, it takes just a week to recover, while in others, it can be just more than a week, and some might have to face several complications. These complications can stay, which can be corrected with re-correction surgery. This not only causes stress but also harasses the patient. But then, the complications don’t end here, there are more to it, and here, we are going to see some of them. Let us get started.

What Are The Complications Of Capsular Contracture After Breast Reconstruction? 

The multiple complications can be treated too, and thus there is nothing to be worried about. So, here they are:

Complications 1: Hard And Painful Implants 

There are always certain chances that the implants can become hard or firm after a time period of going through the surgery. So, this situation is better to be called one of the critical phases of capsular contracture. But then, where can capsular contracture occur? This is a fundamental question. So, this situation can occur in the implants’ tissues or the surrounding area. But then, when these tissues become hard, it can be very painful.

Although this situation is very common, it can be much more painful when occurs with hematoma and seroma. There are four different stages of capsular contracture which can be categorized into Baker grades. Let us see what they are:

  1. The grade I is basically normally looking and would feel soft and natural.
  2. The second-grade breast looks normal too, but then it starts getting firm with the passing of time.
  3. The III-grade breast tends to become firmer and thus look abnormal.
  4. Lastly, the breasts become hard and start inflicting you with pain. The shape becomes distorted, and the symmetry gets destroyed.

Complication 2: Rupture And Deflation 

Deflation is basically the symmetry that gets destroyed in capsular contracture after breast reconstruction. As a result, one of the breasts can look more lifted, and the other just the opposite.


If you are one of the women facing breast implant problems, you might visit Aspen After Surgery Centre. Be it capsular contracture or bad liposuction, they have a solution for everything.


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