Best University in China for MBBS At An Affordable Fee

The 10 Best Medical Universities In China

After physics, chemistry and biology in grade 12, most students want to study medicine. For some of them, studying MBBS in China is very important for their future because some of them want to study MBBS abroad. This country is best for Pakistani students because China has first-class Pakistan Medical Council (PMC) and World Health Organization (WHO) accredited medical universities and it is the most suitable country for them because of its proximity to Pakistan.

Medical schools for Pakistani students are very easy to study MBBS at the Best University in China for MBBS and the fee structure is very affordable. There are several options for medical schools in China. Therefore, here we have compiled a list of top 10 medical schools in China for Pakistani students.

1. Three Gorges University, China

Established in 2000 and approved by the Ministry of Education, it is one of the most prestigious universities in China. The university’s main motive is to promote global education and give students of different nationalities the opportunity to study MBBS at this best MBBS university in China.

CTGU Overview:-.

MBBS course duration:- 6 years.

Fee structure for MBBS course:- INR 22-23 lakhs

Pakistan Medical Council Approved by.

World health organization (WHO):approved.

Restaurant facilities in Pakistan : Yes

Maximum temperature : 30-35 degrees Celsius

Minimum temperature : 03 degrees Celsius

Key Benefits Global training standards and accredited trainers. A top university Contact with the international community. Location near the best medical institutions World class infrastructure.

Mailing address: No. 8, Daxue Road, Xiling District, Yichang, Hubei Province, China.

2. ningxia university

Established in 1958, Ningxia University is a regional university. The university has three campuses with more than 2,600 qualified students. The Chinese Ministry of Education has also awarded the title of second-class university in its field. Therefore, we recommend this medical university as the best MBBS university in China in 2020.

Overview of Ningxia:-)

MBBS program duration: 6 years

Fee structure for MBBS course: INR 23-25 lakhs

Pakistan Medical Council Approved by.

World Health Organization. Approved

Pakistani Restaurant Facilities. Yes.

Maximum temperature: 39°C.

Minimum temperature: -30°C.

Core advantages International recognition A top university Quality education at an affordable price. Global educational exchange programs. Affordable accommodation. Effective internship opportunities.

Zip code: north street of Wenshui, Xixia district, Yinchuan, Ningxia province, China.

3. Wenzhou Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University was founded in 1912. The university has long developed cooperation, placing Wenzhou on the list of most cooperative universities in China by the State Health Commission, the Ministry of Education and the Zhejiang provincial government. For an MBBS in China, you need to go to this university.

Overview of the University of Wimbledon:

Duration of MBBS program: 6 years

Fee structure for MBBS course: INR 22-23 lakhs

Pakistan Medical Council: approved by.

World Health Organization: approved by.

Pakistan Restaurant Facilities Available

Key Benefits Internship in a prestigious hospital Guest lectures by award winners. A state-of-the-art laboratory and digital assessment. Access to digital library. Global recognition.

4. Anhui Medical University

Anhui Medical University was established in 1925 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Committee for Family Welfare and the Ministry of Education. The clear purpose of the university was to train doctors and practitioners with practical skills. The university has 24 teaching units, 10 affiliated hospitals, 42 clinical colleges and 37 teaching hospitals, making it the best MBBS university in China.

AMU in brief:-.

Duration of MBBS program: 6 years

Fee structure for MBBS course: INR 23-24 lakhs

Pakistan Medical Council Approved by.

World Health Organization. Approved

Pakistani Restaurant Facilities. Yes

Maximum temperature: -38 degrees Celsius.

Minimum temperature: -21 degrees Celsius.

Key advantages Advanced study program. Best accommodation on campus. Reasonable fees Foreign guest professors. Classrooms with state-of-the-art equipment.

Postal address Hefei, Anhui, China

5th Jilin University

Jilin University was founded in 1946. It is one of China’s leading research universities under the administration of the Ministry of Education. Jilin has always been one of the leading medical universities in China. This makes it a top MBBS university for students from all over the world.

Overview of Jilin province:

MBBS course duration: 5 years

Fee structure of MBBS course: INR 23-25 lakhs

Pakistan Medical Council: approved by

WHO. Approved by

Pakistani restaurant facilities: Available

Maximum temperature: 68 degrees Fahrenheit

Minimum temperature -3 degrees Fahrenheit

Main advantages Affordable fee structure, PMC-approved medical courses. Premium scholarship Easy enrollment process Highest teaching quality.

Mailing Address No. 2699 Qianjin Street, Chaoyang District, Changchun, Jilin Province, China.

6. Xi’an Jiaotong University

Founded in 1896, it is one of the universities directly under the Chinese Ministry of Education and ranks among the top 10 medical schools in China. Xi’an University also has eight affiliated hospitals, two of which are ranked among the top 100 hospitals in China. This will definitely not make you think twice about taking the MBBS entrance exam in China.

Overview of Xi’an:-)

MBBS course duration: 6 years

MBBS course fee structure: INR 19-20 lakhs.

Medical Council of Pakistan: approved.

Approved by WHO.

Pakistani restaurant possibilities: yes

Maximum temperature: 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Minimum temperature: 07 degrees Fahrenheit.

Main advantages Distinguished faculty First-class teaching hospital. Easy entrance exams. Good fee structure Academic facilities. Easy admission requirements.

Mailing address No. 28, Xianning West Road, Jiaotian Commercial Street, Beilin District, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China.

7. China Medical University

China Medical University was founded in 1931. It was the first medical university in China established by a military medical college and a military medical school. Entrance to this university is difficult and only the best students are admitted, making it one of the best MBBS universities in China.

CMU Overview:-.

MBBS course duration: 6 years

MBBS course fee structure: 300,000 – 320,000 INR.

300 MBU – 300 MBU – 300 MBU – 300 MBU – 300 MBU – 300 MBU – 300 MBU – 300 MBU – 300 MBU – 300 MBU – 300 MBU – 300 MBU – 300 MBU – 300 MBU.

WHO. Approved by

Restaurant facilities in Pakistan: Available

Maximum temperature 23,3°C

Minimum temperature Below 20°C

Key benefits Cooperative Practices Advanced courses. International recognition Reasonable fees. High quality education. Affiliated hospitals.

No. 91, Xuexi Road, North District, Taichung City, 404 Taiwan.

8. Chuanbei Medical University

Chuanbei Medical University was founded in 1951. The university is a non-profit organization run by the Chinese government. Students are attracted to the university because of the high quality of education and beautiful campus. Studying MBBS in Chinese at this university will be a dream come true for many.

NSMU in brief:-.

MBBS course duration: 6 years

Fee structure of MBBS course: INR 24-25 lakhs

Pakistan Medical Council: approved by

WHO. Approved by

Pakistan mixing equipment: available

Maximum temperature: -38°C

Minimum temperature -42 degrees Celsius

Main advantages International recognition University of Excellence Top quality education Hostels

Mailing address Xihezhong Road, Shunqing District, Nanzhong City, Sichuan Province, China.

9. Jiangsu Medical University

The university was founded in 1902. Jiangsu University has a great history of development as it has always changed and merged from one to another, but finally in 2001 the two faculties were merged to form the name Jiangsu Medical University. The university focuses on four main points: first, improving students’ qualifications; second, strengthening the university with excellent human resources; third, unifying and promoting the most distinctive qualities of the university; and fourth, students and teachers cooperating with each other and the university.

Overview of Jiangsu Province:-.

MBBS course duration: 6 years

MBBS course fee structure: 250,000 – 260,000 INR.

WHO. Approved by WHO

Restaurant facilities in Pakistan: Available

Maximum temperature: -28°C

Minimum temperature -25 degrees Celsius.

Key benefits: World-renowned library at university and at home. Best quality of education. Cutting-edge technology and smart classrooms on campus. Internships and scholarships.

301 Xuefu Rd, Jingkou, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China

10th Shandong Medical University

Shandong Medical University was founded in 1901. It is one of the largest universities in the country and is one of the top 10 medical universities in China. The university has several campuses for various courses that provide quality education for students. In 2002, international programs were launched so that students from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, the United States, etc. can come here to study.

Overview of Shandong:-.

MBBS Course Duration.

MBBS course fee structure: 16-20 lakhs INR

Pakistan Medical Board: Approved

World Health Organization: Approved

Food facility in Pakistan: Available

Highest temperature: 40 degrees Celsius

Lowest temperature: -3 degree Celsius

Key Benefits: Global recognition. Highest ranked university. The best faculty. Easy registration process. Quality education. University infrastructure and campus.

Mailing address.


Here are 10 best medical colleges in China to help you choose the best university to study mbbs in China. Students who want to enroll in mbbs in China can now easily choose between these universities for their bright future. If you still have any questions, concerns or doubts, don’t worry, you can contact us or take advantage of our experts’ free consultation. don’t wait or you will be too late, realize your dream and get into your dream university.


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