Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary For Everyone?

A wisdom tooth refers to the hindmost molars that might be used for grinding food for proper digestion. Back in the old days, people relied on their wisdom teeth to chew tough meat and raw plants. In today’s world, one would not require a wisdom tooth as modern food preparation techniques have eliminated its presence.

In some cases, wisdom teeth may not grow properly and cause some problems. People with improper wisdom teeth face several issues and these need to be removed at the earliest. They might face difficulty while chewing the food, closing their mouth and striking conversations with the people. If the wisdom teeth are fully grown and have no issues, then there is no need to remove them.

Reasons You Need To Remove The Wisdom Teeth

The dentist London would recommend wisdom teeth removal if these are trapped between the gums and do not find enough space to grow. This can lead to cysts that cause infections, damage the teeth roots and disrupt the bone tissue.

If wisdom teeth emerge from the gums and can be noticed, these can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. At times, the wisdom teeth do not get enough space and get damage the growth of other teeth. Doctors recommend surgery when the teeth are new as it is more effective and faster. When the roots are firm and deeply fixed into the mouth, then things might become difficult.

In addition to this, if you experience pain, have tooth decay, are diagnosed with tumours, come across gum diseases and have infections then you must get the wisdom tooth removed.

The Ill Effects Of Extracting The Wisdom Teeth

While choosing wisdom teeth removal one must weigh the pros and cons. In severe cases, the extraction process would lead to nerve damage, a loss of the sense of taste and even death. Also, it might cause numbness and blood could ooze out from the teeth. 

Benefits Of Keeping The Wisdom Teeth

If the wisdom teeth are fully grown and do not cause problems, there is no point in removing them. These provide support to the jaw and keep the bone structure intact.

The dentist London adheres to the safety protocols while conducting the surgery. He/she makes use of cutting-edge dental technology and ensures that the patients feel at ease.

Summing it up, wisdom teeth extraction is preferred by people who are in their prime. If folks experience difficulty in chewing food, talking to people and face severe pain, then they must opt for surgery. In some cases, the wisdom teeth might not harm the person and grow properly, then dental surgery is usually not recommended.


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