Is Mitral Stenosis Fatal?

Mitral valve stenosis refers to a heart disease where a person’s valve can’t get opened fully. It also causes some blockage in the valve which can become life-threatening if remains untreated. There was a time when people used to think mitral valve stenosis only happens in a person’s late 50s.  But recent research studies have proved that it is now affecting the younger population too. A person with mitral stenosis experiences certain symptoms such as shortness of breath, heart palpitations, coughing with blood and more. Now you may wonder how serious this could be for one. Some people think this is fatal. Some people think this is not serious at all. Let’s find out the truth here.

Heart Blockage

Mitral valve stenosis often causes a minor or major blockage in the heart and for such blockage one may experience shortness of breath, palpitations, a sudden change in heart rate and more. But if this condition gets diagnosed earlier it can be prevented with proper care and medications. At the same time if you keep it untreated it can become majorly serious even life-threatening sometimes.

Lack Of Blood Supply

This condition called Mitral Stenosis often affects the blood supply in one’s heart and makes the heart weak. A right and smooth blood supply are very much essential for a heart to remain functional. And this is why one shouldn’t ever take this condition casually. Rather they should immediately seek some medical attention. If this condition receives no treatment it can become worsen and stop the normal blood flow in the heart.

Heart Failure

It may sound surprising but it’s a medical truth. Mitral valve stenosis can become life-threatening if it doesn’t get an early diagnosis and receives proper treatment. As this condition affects then normal blood flow, so here the heart muscles have to put in some additional effort, and some extra pressure to make the blood flow normally again. And in this process, the heart muscles can become stiff and cause heart failure.

Heart Stroke

Although it’s uncommon it can happen. If a person with mitral valve stenosis doesn’t get any treatment for a long time they might end up making their heart weaker. And in such a situation, their heart develops more risk of having a sudden stroke. So if you are experiencing any irregularity in your heart’s rhythm or feeling any kind of heart palpitation then please do not take this condition for granted. Rather seek some immediate medical help and repair your heart’s valve as soon as possible.

Thus to conclude, mitral valve stenosis can become fatal or life-threatening if remains untreated for a longer time. So please do something about it. Go for the right heart surgeon before it’s too late.


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