Health Benifits of Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic Sea Salt is salt extract from the Celtic Sea off the coast of France. Traditionally, sea salt is extract by evaporation and sun drying. It is more moisturizing and slightly more moist than fine table salt. Celtic sea salt may also have a darker gray color than the white or pink usually found in other salts.

This is due to the high content of minerals that are preserved as the salt evaporates. For this reason, sea salt is valuable not only as a good source of iodine, but also as a source of many trace elements, including magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, iodine, and potassium.

Benefits of Celtic Sea Salt

Many people like the taste of sea salt, which is distinctive depending on the region and geology where it is produced.

Sea salt in flake form, with its crunchy texture, is especially popular in cooking and presentation. Celtic sea salt has a rich flavor and a special texture that gives it a salty taste.

However, it is also use for many years for a variety of medicinal purposes.

Treatment of skin wounds

Celtic sea salt is a popular remedy for soothing and cleansing damaged or cracked skin. It is also recommend as an exfoliant. The salt itself has antiseptic properties, and the essential minerals act like a poultice on damaged skin to soothe inflammation.

Salting is recommende for treating pimples, acne, and cornea.

Promotes healthy cell growth

Celtic sea salt contains 92 trace elements. 24 of these minerals are thought to be necessary for numerous fundamental bodily processes. Deficiency of these can result in symptoms such as muscle cramps, nervous system disorders, and brain damage.

Sea salt also slows the excretion of water from the blood and body. Regular use of sea salt can cause water to accumulate in the joints, leading to swelling and kidney problems.

Reduces the amount of mucus

Celtic sea salt has excellent drainage properties and can reduce swelling in the nose and sinuses and mucus buildup in the lungs. It is also recommend for treating swollen joints and fluid buildup.

Relieves joint pain

Recently, scientists have discovered that a bath with high salt content can relieve inflammation in the swollen joints of osteoarthritis.

Low salt solutions increase inflammation, while high salt dries out the cells around the swollen area and reduces inflammation.

Iodine Requirements

Iodine is a chemical that is not produce by the body, but is essential for regulating the body’s hormones. Hormones are made by the thyroid gland using iodine.

Some studies suggest that this deficiency can cause infertility and is a risk factor for certain types of cancer. Many salts contain iodine, and Celtic sea salt is a natural source of this important element.

Side Effects of Celtic Sea Salt

Excessive sodium intake has show to cause high blood pressure and impair heart health. But safe sodium concentrations range from low to considerable. The maximum recommended daily sodium intake for adults is 2300 mg.

For people with a history of heart disease or those at high risk for heart disease, the upper limit is 1500 mg per day. Knowing the origin of sea salt is important because of the increasing pollution of the oceans by heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

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