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Spectacular Christmas Bourbon Gifts To Calm Your Intimidation

Everyone is getting ready to fully embrace the holiday spirit as the temperature drops and Santa sleigh screeches echo through the air. Festivities are a great way to take a vacation from the stress of daily life and rediscover the quiet peace that still exists beneath the surface. During this season, friends and family gather together to celebrate one another’s company and forge deeper relationships through acts of kindness such as exchanging gifts.

The holiday season is when many whiskey drinkers have an overwhelming want to imbibe in their favorite vintage bourbons in an effort to warm their bodies and minds despite the cold weather outside. If you want to surprise a family member who is a bourbon connoisseur but knows nothing about the whiskey field, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Any question regarding bourbon gifts for Christmas is addressed in our comprehensive gift guide. Put the brakes on the intimidation!

Don’t Go Chasing After Rare Items Without A Plan

Rare bourbons are an extravagant present for a bourbon connoisseur, but stumbling onto such an elusive item can be nerve-wracking. Even though it’s hard to find, you don’t have to have a lot of money to look for it. Most sales of rare bourbons go to high-end, high-volume stores, with a few going to liquor distributors.

Avoid The Secondary Market At All Costs

Don’t waste your money on the secondary market for rare bourbons. Firstly, it is illegal . Second, there is no guarantee that the bottles you buy actually contain the whiskey you think they do. It’s not uncommon to hear that high-end bourbon bottles have been emptied and refilled. 

Top-tier forgers understand precisely what components a fake bottle must have in order to pass inspection, including the type of top, cork, label, sealing tape, and plastic cap.

Spend Your Money On A Handpicked Single Barrel

Since each barrel imparts its wood character, location in the warehouse, and length of aging to the bourbon it produces, single barrel selections are really one-of-a-kind.  Stores near you are great places to buy single barrel bourbons because they often have a single barrel selection or store pick.

Pick Up A Locally-Made Bottle

Giving a whiskey drinker a bottle of bourbon they have never tried before is a fantastic idea. This holiday season, give a gift that lets the recipient experience the enchantment of the local mahogany.

Gift A Giant Bottle Of Their ‘Daily Drinker’

Your best bet for a memorable holiday present is a large bottle of the bourbon that your friend drinks on a regular basis, wrapped in a festive onesie or decorated with a festive bow.

 Top Expression  From Their Preferred Distillery

Extending one’s bourbon collection is a must for any true connoisseur. Larger distilleries sometimes sell pricier bourbon varieties, either directly to customers or through distributors. You may do some digging online to see if there are any Christmas gifts that could be a nice upgrade from what they’re currently drinking.

Invest In A Small Bar Cabinet

Use some cunning and enlist the help of their partner in crime. They’ll give you insider information on their bourbon collections and their preferred sipping spots in the house. As suggested, build a mini bar cabinet for the lucky receiver; they’ll love it.

Provide A Bourbony Experience

Whiskey connoisseurs take almost as much pleasure in learning about whiskey as they do in sipping it. Depending on the distillery, visitors can partake in a variety of premium offerings, such as tasting flights of rare expressions of whiskey or all-day bourbon workshops. You can also think of giving a distillery tour or a professional certification course this Christmas.

Impressive Bourbon Gifts Of Premium Delicacies

Bourbon Gift bakers are both varied and trendy. You can either buy a bourbon set or craft one by assorting a few items. Along with a classy Bourbon, pair:

  • meats (think brisket ,pork butt, chicken)
  • Pastries 
  • Smoked seafood
  • Creamy and nutty Gouda cheese slices
  • Pecan pie
  • Peaches or berrie
  • bourbon- salt, caramel sauce, and smoked pepper.

Chic Glasses For Bourbony Pours

Stylish barware is important for a first-rate bourbon drinking experience. Instead of wine glasses, give thick rocks glasses for sipping bourbon and bourbon cocktails.

Most-Loved Bourbon Flight Boards

Bourbon fans often sample several brands at once to see how they stack up in a “flight,” or comparative tasting. Including flight boards or sets in a gift guide for bourbon is a must.

Merry Xmas!


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