Digital Marketing Training In Dubai

Digital Marketing Knowledge

 This course is aimed at beginners in marketing, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs who want to develop their skills and knowledge in digital marketing training in Dubai, and it will provide a foundation and strengthen their knowledge of digital marketing practices.

Masterclasses with experts in search engine optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing, Google Analytics, and mobile marketing.

  • In-depth online learning – workshops – group exercises
  • Unique approach – case studies and live demonstrations.
  • Certified trainers – trainers from Google Partner Academy
  • Course content based on industry requirements 
  • Live demonstrations and practical opportunities during the course
  • Case studies in the UAE and GCC
  • Accredited organization.
  • Levels
  • Basic to advanced level
  • Towards
  • Classroom
  • Duration
  • 40+ hours
  • Accredited Partner.
  • Program Details
  • Professional Certification

Professional Certificate In Digital Marketing

PCDM has been carefully developed by a panel of industry experts with industry requirements in mind. The program is designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, and aspiring individuals who want to upgrade their skills and gain knowledge in digital marketing.


  • Choose 6 days – classroom format
  • One-on-one interaction with instructors
  • 90 days of post-training support

Receive certifications from Inc Academy, KHDA Dubai, DIL New York, CPD London, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Training at a 5-star professional venue

The final day of training ends on Saturday with a celebratory breakfast and carnival.

The following are members of the Industry Advisory Committee

Course modules


Orientation meeting


Start an exciting and dynamic career with the Digital Marketing Specialist certificate. Our course is a globally standardized certification that you can take with you wherever your career takes you.

Core modules

Social Media


Learn the value of social amplification and content shared on social media. Learn how to use social listening to monitor and identify the most engaging content. Advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

Basic modules

Search engine

Optimization (SEO)

This module introduces you to a range of specific tools, on-site and off-site optimization techniques, as well as keyword research methods, and link-building tactics.

  • Basic Module.
  • Search Engine
  • Marketing (AdWords)

Learn the basics of Google AdWords (tips on search, display, content, and YouTube advertising). This module includes Google Programmatic and Remarketing sessions to gain insights and increase sales.

  • Basic Module.
  • Digital Strategy
  • Planning

You will be able to create a comprehensive and coherent digital marketing plan that systematically brings together all digital marketing initiatives, including budgeting, resource allocation, and choosing the right channels for digital marketing.

Main modules

Digital (Google)


You will learn about analytics platforms and key metrics that can help you effectively monitor, optimize, and measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.

Training Methodology.

All trainers are well-versed in the technical and strategic aspects of digital marketing. We understand the different needs of culturally diverse audiences and our training methodology is designed to suit everyone.

Supervised presentations

Instructor-led live demonstrations make it easy to learn and understand the concepts.

Group exercises

Participate in group exercises to learn from other experts in the field and develop parallel strategies.

Practical projects

It is a great way to learn and get your hands dirty. Live projects allow you to choose a project and put what you learn into practice.

Individual training

15–30-minute private sessions with a coach to help you clarify your career and business goals.

Evaluations and reports on projects

Regular project evaluations and reports provide an objective assessment of your progress and areas for development.

Sector-specific case studies

Sector-specific case studies Explore best practices through examples of ‘how we do and ‘why we do.


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