Top Medical Universities In China At Affordable Fee

Best medical Universities in China

In recent decades, medical Universities have become increasingly popular in China for several reasons. In recent years, Chinese medicine has developed so much that the World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized it, attracting students from all over the world to enroll and study there. When you study in China, you receive a diploma that you can use locally if you wish, but you can practice medicine anywhere in the world.

There are some positive aspects to the Chinese education system:

Admission requirements are lower than in other countries, making it easier for many people to enroll in Top Medical Universities in China.

International students tend to find it cheaper and more comfortable to study and live.

They are receptive and ready to welcome anyone who wants to learn and grow.

In general, Chinese medical Universities offer education at a lower cost, are recognized worldwide, keep up with modern medicine, and have excellent laboratories and an excellent hospital system.

Can international students study in Chinese medical Universities?

Yes, since 2006, international students have had the opportunity to study in medical Universities in China.

Before that, the possibility for international students to study in China was never mentioned, mainly because all courses are taught in Chinese. Since then, many universities have adapted to this new trend and now offer courses in English. Universities may require learning the Chinese language and traditions, but good teachers and courses are available.

This has opened the door to new students and international students: more than 45 Universities are taking advantage of this opportunity. Some universities are only interested in making money and their English courses do not meet standards, so it is advisable to do your research before enrolling.

What kind of medical courses are offered in medical Universities in China?

The medical curriculum in China is structured so that it takes five years to complete an undergraduate degree and a second year for an internship or clinical placement, where you learn first-hand how to work with patients. Most universities have hospitals attached, and the internship is supervised by senior doctors.

On graduation, students receive a Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree.

Another option offered by many medical Universities in China is the BDS program. This is for students who want to become dentists. The program lasts five years and includes an internship, followed by a diploma in dentistry and oral surgery.

For further studies, some Universities offer specialized courses, such as a three-year Master’s degree.

There are many Universities, depending on location, admission system, and requirements, but here are seven of the best medical Universities in China.

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Best medical Universities in China

First Peking University Union Medical University

Medical courses page

Beijing Medical University was founded in 1917 and has since become one of China’s leading medical Universities. The institution offers a doctor of medicine degree in eight years. It is open to international students and has an extensive network of facilities to provide the best possible education.

The school offers the following services

Specialized Universities

School of Clinical Medicine

School of Nursing

The school is one of the most selective, which means that this group of students is elite and therefore receives the best education. As one of the oldest and most prestigious Universities, it is probably the best choice for your future education.

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2. Nanjing medical university

Medical courses page

Nanjing Medical University, one of China’s top medical faculties, was founded in 1934 and became one of the first universities to offer a six-year medical degree in 1962. With 22 faculties, 24 affiliated hospitals, and more than 50 teaching hospitals, it is an outstanding university.

The course is open to international students, but they must study Chinese, a compulsory subject at the university, to graduate. Students can gain practical experience and learn from hospital partners.

3 Capital Medical University

Medical program website

Capital Medical University was founded in 1960 in Beijing. Located in the nation’s capital, this university is one of the leaders with excellent professors, a good reputation for research facilities, and a six-year MBBS program.

They accept all international students and have cooperation agreements with more than 50 universities. Their curriculum in narratives of 1-year undergraduate, 2 years of basic medicine, 2 years of clinical medicine, and 1 year of residency.

The Medical University in the capital is a great choice for a large university, but also a place that can offer much more experience.

4th Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University

Medical program website

Shanghai Medical College was founded in 1927 by Dr. Fuqing Yan and is one of the leading Universities in China. The undergraduate program is offered in 10 academic disciplines such as:

Clinical Medicine (8 years)

Clinical Medicine (5 years)

Clinical Medicine (6 years, taught in English)

The current leadership of this medical school in China is there to provide you with the right training, practice and learning and development opportunities. Through the National Science Fund, Distinguished Young Scholars have awarded 6,000 students and 22 teachers.

5th Tianjin Medical University

Medical program website

Another top medical school in China is Tianjin Medical University, which was founded in 1951 and has become a world-renowned medical institution for medical education, research and excellence. The university cooperates with more than 96 other universities in 24 countries and regions.

A total of 10,300 students study various disciplines, including basic medicine, clinical medicine, pharmacology and nursing. The university welcomes more than 200 international students from 10 countries each year. Most students enroll in the fall, but some come early to learn Chinese. It is one of the best multicultural places to get an education.

6th Chinese Medical University

Medical program website

China Medical College was founded in 1958 and became a university in 2003. They are one of the leading colleges in Taiwan. They offer comprehensive teaching facilities, courses and research opportunities.

They strive to modernize Chinese medicine by implementing Western knowledge while retaining some of the ancient Chinese medicine, even Chinese herbs are one of the subjects available.

They offer more than education and have a mission to produce well-rounded, compassionate and talented students who will be able to excel in the future. As their motto says: education: compassion, care, conscientiousness, integrity.

7) Zhejiang University

Medical program website

Zhejiang is one of the oldest medical Universities in China, founded in 1897 under the name Qiushi Academy, and the school’s motto “Searching for Truth” is one of the simplest, yet so appealing. The university has come a long way, and in 2017 it was recognized as one of the top 100 universities in the world.

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They lead the way in innovation and look very modern for such a long-established school. They keep up with technology and offer great programs for learning and research.

This unique university has over 62,000 students and includes international students from 140 different countries.

The medical profession has always been considered honorable, but today it is more crucial than ever to the well-being of society. China is becoming a leader in medical education and health care, and it’s happening fast. And not surprisingly, having their ancient and unique ideas about healing, they are eager to implement them into new and modern medicine.

Chinese universities are very versatile and are more than welcoming to international students and colleagues. They are building a remarkable healthcare system to support not only Chinese hospitals, but also healthcare systems around the world.


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