How to Use the Pikler Climbing Frame With Different Age Groups of Children

The Pikler Climbing frame is a piece of excellent play equipment for children to develop various skills as they play with it and can be easily kept indoors and outdoors. It’s indeed a favorite amongst both parents and educators. The wooden climbing triangle that comes in a collapsible form with lilyandriver.com is absolutely the best, hands down, among all the available options. Explore all the sensory toys and Climbing set options available here.

What exactly is a Pikler climbing frame?

A Pikler climbing frame is a climbing regular triangular pyramid with one short side that allows children to develop their intelligence as they climb up on their terms. When your child plays with the wooden climbing triangle, they feel stimulated and develop their physical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, among many others.

Let’s dive into the Benefits of a Pikler climbing frame for your child

Benefit # 1: Stability

The Pikler climbing frame offers stability to your child while playing, so there is no fear of them falling and hurting themselves. However, the key is to invest in the best quality wooden climbing triangle from lilyandrriver.com. You can also club your purchase with a Landing Playmat that provides extra protection to your child even when playing unsupervised. You need to place it below the Pikler climbing frame. Click here to shop!

Benefit # 2: Appropriate height

The Pikler climbing frame is age appropriate for children from 6 months to 5 years. It comes with an appropriate height and size so that any child can play with it without help from adults.

Benefit # 3: Durable

The wooden climbing triangle by Lily and River is made from the best quality wood that is non-toxic and undergoes various quality tests. Hence, it is durable and can last many years despite its regular use.

Benefit # 4: Challenging

Children can use the Pikler Climbing Frame for 6 months to 5 years. This means it provides opportunities that are challenging for different age groups. Children from various age groups get an opportunity to climb up various levels without any fear of falling. Your child will surely not get bored playing with this unique play equipment. Read the various testimonials from parents on lilydrover.com to know more!

How can different age groups of children use the Pikler Climbing Frame to play?

Age Group #1 – 6 Months

If you have a toddler belonging to the age group of 6 months and you are wondering how your child will use the wooden climbing triangle, then keep reading! You can hang some sensory toys on the rungs of the Pikler Climbing Frame and see your toddler push themselves up to catch hold of these toys as they learn to roll and push up! Their physical development, spatial awareness and eye-hand coordination are being enhanced.

Age Group # 2- From 6 Months up

After six months, babies try to pull themselves to sit up. The lower rungs of the wooden climbing triangle act as a pull-up bar for your toddler! It allows your child to practice moving up their bodies as per their comfort and stage of development. The Pikler Climbing Frame encourages your toddler to do so!

Age Group # 3- From 8 Months

By now, your child may be able to stand up and starts showing an inclination to move around with support. The wooden climbing triangle is excellent play equipment for cruising at this stage. Cruising is how your toddler makes an effort to become more aware of their surroundings, and they start developing a sense of self by figuring out how they fit into their environment. They hold on to the rungs of the Pikler Climbing Frame and then start moving around it to explore. Take benefit of the offer-play now and play later on lilydriver.com.

Age Group # 4: From 12 Months

The wooden climbing frame allows children to lead their play and exploration. While exploring on their own, children at this age gain an understanding of their abilities and develop confidence with their independent moves, decision and thinking. They gain confidence and start climbing the rungs with confidence. They also use their creative thinking and discover that they can sit on the rungs. A word of caution here is to allow the child to explore on their own, don’t get overprotective and come around to help the child move up the rungs! Let them understand their limitations, face new challenges, and overcome them at their own pace!

Age Group # 5: Upto to 5 Years

The Pikler Climbing Frame is genuinely versatile. Once your child has mastered going up, and down the rungs, you can do many simple things to create challenging situations. Well, you can throw a blanket on the wooden climbing frame, and you have a tent or a tunnel for your child to do some imaginative play and even crawl through it.

You can also connect it with another ladder or a second triangle with a ramp, which will add more dimensions of exploration for your child. Grab one for your child today on lilyandriver.com.

Final Words!

The wooden climbing frame from Lily & River is an absolute worth investment you’re your child that will stay with them for years for play. You will discover that it is one of the most favorite toy for your child. Moreover, it is foldable, so storing it or carrying it around the house is much more manageable! See your child enjoy it both indoors and outdoors!


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