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Choose The Best with SAINIK From CenturyPly

In modern homes, waterproofing has become an important practice that prevents your home from decaying. Be it the furniture. If these are properly waterproofed, you can save a lot of your money and, most importantly, the time and effort that can go into renovating the entire place from time to time.

Waterproofing also reduces the chances of short circuits and maintains hygiene in your home. Wooden furniture looks aesthetic and gives your place a modern yet classic touch. But it is also the most affected material by water, due to which people often look for plywood as an alternative. With CenturyPly, you can get the Asli waterproof plywood- SAINIK 710. And why do we think so? Let’s find out.

Why is SAINIK 710 called the Asli waterproof plywood?

SAINIK 710 is made by using high heat and pressure. It has also passed the 72 hours of rigorous boiling water test. Special phenolic resins are used to make SAINIK due to which it has become the ASLI waterproof plywood for every household. In addition to that, it is also combined with chemically made glue lining protection to prevent the decaying of insects with an 8 years warranty. In the early days, boiling waterproof plywood was thought of as something that is a luxury to the common people because of its price.

BWP plywood price has always been a little expensive because of the benefits it provides- it is manufactured using the best quality raw materials out there. It also undergoes and passes the rigorous quality test and boiling water test. All of these factors add up to the overall cost of the plywood sheet. When SAINIK 710 was launched by CenturyPly in 2018, it fulfilled the need for high-quality and waterproof plywood at an affordable rate. Boiling waterproof plywood then became accessible to everyone in society.

What are the benefits of SAINIK 720?

  1. You can make any furniture you want

SAINIK 710 is very versatile, and it can be used to make the furniture that you desire. It can be used for small-scale renovation and even large-scale projects. It is mainly ideal for applications where the furniture is expected to come in contact with moisture, water, and humidity at some point.

  1. It is tough against the weather

SAINIK 710 plywood is made according to the IS:710 from smooth veneers ethically taken from expert eco-friendly timber. These plywood sheets are made using extra plies for more strength, and this also contributes to the dimensional stability of the plywood while making it long-lasting.

  1. It provides protection against insects

The veneers and BWP-graded advanced PF resin are combined to prevent delamination and damage through the moisture of the furniture. The GLP formula used makes it safe from all sorts of insects. In addition to that, Sainik 710 also provides an 8-year warranty against these insects, ensuring that the face of your home never faces the doom of pathogens.

  1. It provides different thickness

In order to become the ideal match for all furniture types, Sainik 710 has been available in many different thicknesses, i.e., from the smallest 4mm to 25mm.


Sainik 710 by CenturyPly has made our lives a lot easier. It is the perfect fit of material that is versatile, strong, and affordable in nature available at ₹105 per unit (unit = 929 sq.cm., inclusive of GST)

Be it a decorative wooden interior for your home or kitchen cabinets, Sainik 710 can play all the parts to provide durable, strong, and germs-free furniture that can go a long way. With Sainik 710, not only can you save your money and time, but you also protect your home and

loved ones from insects that can cause harm and can rest assured that your home is just how it is supposed to be.


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