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Are Stuffed Animals the Answer to Your Stressful Life?

Everyone experiences stress at some point in their life, which can be detrimental to your health and well-being if it goes untreated. There are many ways to reduce stress, including eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise, and even learning how to breathe properly. If you’re interested in learning more about other stress management techniques, consider these 3 benefits of stuffed animals that have been proven to reduce stress in everyday life!


You probably know that you can buy stress relief gadgets such as re-breathing bags, colour therapy glasses, relaxing music and white noise machines but what about a plush toy? Yes! A plush toy. I’m talking about your usual teddy bear or other stuffed animals that are used to keep you company and make you feel safe. The only difference is these cute toys can be found in any Kawaii store in Japan. These super cuddly items have been named My Heart Teddy and they come with a variety of different emotions; including happy, shy, embarrassed and even grumpy!

The StuffWeed Secret

At StuffWeed we believe life is filled with stress and that stuffie are an excellent way of managing it. That’s why, at StuffWeed, our goal is to make sure you can always have a stuffed animal by your side! We’re constantly bringing in new Kawaii plush products from Japan so that you have more ways of managing stress. Stop by today for affordable plush deals!

The Science behind StuffWeed

There’s no scientific evidence for any of it, but Kawaii Plush does exist and it does stress a lot of people out. On its website, My Heart Teddy recommends adding a stuffed animal or two to your life as a way to reduce stress. How can something so small have such an effect? It could be that they help you relax and bring back happy childhood memories or maybe they just remind you of home. Whatever it is, once you give StuffWeed plushies a chance, we think you’ll agree: there’s something different about them! Don’t believe us? Click here and let us know what’s so special about them! You’ll never look at stuffed animals in quite the same way again.

Benefits of Using StuffWeed

When you have tough days in life, it is hard to escape from stress. It doesn’t matter if you are a school student or a college student, when there are deadlines and responsibilities, stress will attack you even in your sleep. That is why so many students get stressed easily because of all their assignments and projects for school. However, there is still a way for those students who really want to find relief from stress. Here we would like to introduce StuffWeed Store with cheap Kawaii plush toys! These toys can reduce our stress very quickly and make us smile happily again!

How Does StuffWeed Work?

Happiness is more than simply feeling good. It’s about having a positive outlook on life and enjoying what you have. A little perspective goes a long way! Before you add another item to your wish list, consider these five tips for increasing your happiness without spending a dime

Where to Buy Stuffweed

Japan is well-known for having kawaii stores; otherwise known as cute, quirky, fun and adorable stores. In these stores you can buy anything from cute socks to stuffed animals that are literally as big as your torso. My Heart Teddy is a kawaii storein Nippori, Japan that sells plushies. If you’re going there, definitely consider visiting Tokyo Kawaii Shop—an online seller of other kawaii products—as well. (You can find some of their stuff on Kawaii Merchandise.) When it comes to buying stuffed animals online, eBay has an almost endless supply of sellers that sell everything from vintage stuffed animals to designer ones made in recent years by toy giants like Ty Inc. and GUND Ltd.


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