How To Write The Primary Structure Of Descriptive Essay? Tips For College Students

If you are feeling excited about sharing something that happened to you, feeling worried about an upcoming alarming situation, and feeling curious about investigating something, you must write an essay. Essays are great tools that you must master to share your feelings, opinions, and innovation with the public. Academically, there are several types of essays, each serving a different purpose. This article is all about sharing some tips that may help you structure a descriptive essay.

Descriptive Essay- An overview:

As a matter of course, a descriptive essay is a genre of essay that demands students to provide a detailed description of an object, person, place, experience, emotion, and process. Newspaper writing, whitepaper writing, and blogs writing are all types of descriptive styles of essay composition. It is important to sketch a detailed picture of the whole scenario by working on minor details in descriptive essays so readers can best understand your point of view. You can use concert assertion and figurative language to make your description more trustworthy. It usually answers questions starting with words like how and what. Basically, descriptive writing focuses on vivid details, precise language, and thoughtful organisation to open a process layer-by-layer so readers can develop a better understanding of a process.

Structure of a descriptive essay:

Like all other types of essays, a descriptive essay also comprises three main parts, namely, introduction, body, and conclusion. Let’s see how these predefined parts of an essay help you achieve the aims of descriptive writing. The following is a brief description of three main parts of descriptive essays along with writing tips by some experts working at Essay Writing Service in UK.


It is the place where you must explain your subject so the reader can clear his or her vision that what he/she is going to read in the next section. The sole purpose of the introductory section is to give background information about the subject, situation, event, process, person, place, and product under study. It must be short and concise, as long introductions often irritate readers.

Tips for writing a perfect introduction:

No matter whether you are writing critically or descriptively, you must create hooks for the reader. It is the only section of a descriptive paper or essay where you can use a persuasive style or use powerful words to impress your reader with your writing style. 

Tell readers in clear words what you want to describe in an essay. You can also create one or two lines to state why it is critical to discuss a matter with them. Adding background information to take your readers from the basic to advance level information is also an important trick to keep a reader on your essay.

Thesis statement is a vital component of introduction that must be placed in the last of the section. A thesis statement must be short and concise to describe the main theme under study, along with the purpose of its description.

Body paragraphs:

The next section in the descriptive essay is to compose different body paragraphs to prove your thesis. There are usually three main body paragraphs, but you can compose even more in case you have gathered a lot of relevant information for your essay.

Tips for writing body paragraphs of descriptive essay:

First, recall all the important points, either supporting or opposing your thesis claim. It will help you write relevant and unique topic sentences for all body paragraphs.

Add all details that may be figurative or sensory to link your topic sentences with the thesis claim.

Use transitional words for a smooth transition between different body paragraphs.


As per the descriptive essay’s primary structure guidelines, you must write a conclusion highlighting all important points described so far. In other words, the conclusion must be a summary of all topic sentences or concluding sentences. In the last, you must give some advice to your readers.

Tips for writing a conclusion:

  • It is better to start with the initial purpose of your work. Addition to the answer to the question, like why you decided to write on a given topic, helps you take the right start of your conclusion.
    • It is good to add a clincher statement to the conclusion statement. A clincher statement helps your audience to actively participate in the discussion.

Final Thoughts:

In summary, you must select the descriptive writing style if your purpose of writing is to give all basic details about a situation, place, thing, person, event, and process. Its primary study guide structure includes three main parts introduction, body, and conclusion. To write a perfect descriptive essay, you must work on each of these sections independently.


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