3 Easy Steps to Get Juniper Certification

You may want to pursue a Juniper Certification, as it can provide you with the knowledge and skills to deploy and manage Juniper Networks devices. These courses include the Junos operating system and its fundamental configuration tasks. They also cover the key architectural components of the software, as well as the basics of interface configuration. In addition, they cover the operational monitoring and maintenance of Juniper devices. Juniper Networks also offers courses in foundational routing and firewall filters.

Certification tracks

Depending on your career goals and area of specialization, there are different tracks to choose from when pursuing Juniper certification. For example, if you’re interested in switching, routing, and data center automation, you may want to take the JNCIA-Junos track. However, if you’re more focused on security or DevOps, you can choose one of the other tracks.

There are seven product and technology tracks within the Juniper Networks Certified Professional program. Each track is aimed at different aspects of Juniper networking. The certification exam will test your knowledge of different Juniper technologies. Some of the tracks include Firewall/VPN, QFabric, and Design. The best way to choose which track to take depends on your interests and level of experience.

If you’re interested in building and managing data center networks, you can choose between the JNCIP-DC and JNCIS-ENT certifications. While the two certification tracks differ in their scope, they share similar objectives. For instance, a candidate seeking JNCIP-DC must have knowledge of Juniper security, as well as the architecture of data center networks.


When looking for a job, a Juniper certification is an excellent credential to have. It is recognized throughout the IT industry and many Job Recruiters are on the lookout for certified candidates. You may be wondering how to get certified, but the process is actually quite simple. Here are 3 easy steps to get certified:

Buy Juniper Certified Pre-Owned: Certified Pre-Owned (JCPO) hardware: This product has been refurbished by an authorized Juniper reseller in a factory setting. It is backed by a Juniper product warranty and JCARE support. You can use these JCPO products with your existing infrastructure.

Take a Juniper Junos Associate exam: This exam is designed for those with some networking experience. It is a 65-question multiple-choice exam. After passing the exam, you will receive a certificate that is valid for three years.


To obtain a Juniper certification, you must have an extensive knowledge of networking and the Junios operating system. The examination is eight hours long and consists of lab exercises. The best way to prepare for it is through an intensive course taught by qualified instructors. You can also find self-study materials online. You can also take a live training session if you want to gain real-world experience.

In order to gain certification with Juniper, you need to complete the JNCIP or JNCDS exam. You must pass both the written and lab exams, and the exams will validate your skills. You can also take edX courses, although there is an associated fee. However, you should be aware of the fact that the certification requires ongoing education.

There are many types of Juniper certifications. The first one is the Juniper Associate Certification, which can be achieved as an entry-level certification. It will open up the doors to more advanced levels of certification with Juniper. For example, you can opt for JNCIA-Junos if you’re interested in switching, routing, and data centers, or in automation, security, and DevOps.


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