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Choosing the right fun pet treat for your furry friend might be a tedious task. A dog treat or a dog chew that does better than harm is extremely essential. Hopping on to any of the options available in the market is just not the right way of deciding. This irrational decision might turn out to be hazardous for your dearest pet. To avoid any such situation, we have curated a guide on how you can choose the right pet treat for your pet and benefit the pet. 

Types of dog treats:

The Natural chew: Canines are born with a biological urge to gnaw. Natural chews are usually suggested since they are healthful and do not include any artificial ingredients. Bites like cheese snacks can be a very good source of calcium to meet your dog’s nutritional needs. 

Chews are also advised to keep your dog cognitively occupied, reduce anxiety, and satisfy innate desires. Chews can give peace and quiet for both you and your dog in the event of teething pups and energetic canines.

The hardness of the chew varies and shall be chosen according to each dog’s preference. Factors like breed, age, physical growth, habits, environment play a role in which level of hardness to choose. A big boy breed might not be comfortable with a small chew treat. The same shall not work for the puppy who’s still habitual of gulping food instead of chewing. On the other hand, a very hard chew dog treat might lead to damage in teeth, splinters, and other infectious issues to hurl. 

Choosing the right hardness and right natural do treat is very essential as is choosing the right dog toy. A dog toy that might have a few pointed projections si not safe for a little puppy while it is a delightful play for the bigger boy. 

Soft treats: ideal for newborn or early infant puppies, soft treats are also a great way to keep them naughty pooches engaged. Training begins from an early age so that the grown should not make blunders. To train the mightiest puppies, soft treats are the most decent choice. 

The nutrition that goes in at the initial stages is very essential as it marks the significant growth stage of the pet. 

These soft treats are in a way very thoughtfully designed to keep the dogs and little restless puppies more engaged. They have interesting scents and textures which keep the doggo indulged for a longer period. 

Always pick soft snacks that are high in protein and low in fat to ensure that your dog – whether a puppy or an elderly dog – receives the finest nutrients while maintaining a healthy weight.

Freeze and dried treats: another category of the treats is the frozen and dried ones. Here the moisture is removed from the treats in a long process. The long procedure, however, does not involve cooking which preserves all the nutrients in the end product. 

Freeze-dried dog treats are becoming extremely prevalent as a healthier choice. These are typically single snacks that are low in calories and rich in nutrients. This is why such goodies are an excellent choice for education. Because dogs must be given goodies at regular intervals during their practice sessions as they complete each instruction, what could be nicer than nutritious and non-fattening snacks!!

Cookies: Now, who doesn’t love cookies? Be it humans or pet dogs, everyone is fond of cookies. These treats date back to the oldest times of pet treats and still pose to be classics. What is better than a classic cookie treat for a dog? He might as well do a spin to get a delightful mouth full of cookies. 

Winding Up: How to Choose Best Pet Treats

Choosing a cookie as treat for your pet is quite tricky. The chewy dog treats shall not be sweeter than the recommended amounts. To ensure that it is the best choice, look out for the cookies that are made with lesser ingredients, are more nutrient-rich, have a low glycemic index, and have carbs like legumes or oats instead of potatoes. 

It is essential to choose the right and healthy treat for your pet. Since the pets are domesticated animals, they are nothing like wild animals. They cannot fill up their stomachs roaming around the streets. Hence, it is important that you choose the right nutrition, the right size, and the right texture of the dog treat that you are presenting to your pet. Kwipet has all sorts of treats and dog chews available. You can choose from a wide range of dog toys and pick the best one for your best friend.


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