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How to Check the Quality of Custom Boxes

The quality of the packaging boxes is the top priority of packaging companies. Customers always want the best packaging, and that is why packaging companies keep improving the quality. The customers buying the custom boxes from the market are conscious of the quality of those boxes. The quality must be good in order to keep the customer satisfied and happy with the packaging.

Quality Custom packaging boxes

The quality of the packaging must be good because the customers judge the product quality based on the packaging quality. The quality of the customized boxes must be able to show the results of being made from a good-quality packaging box.

Tests for Quality Check of Packaging       

In order to check the quality of the packaging box, there are many different tests. These tests can show you the results of the quality of the packaging box. So, in order to check the quality of custom packaging boxes, you must perform or ask for the results of these tests. Here are some of those tests.

Packaging drop test

In order to check the strength and durability of the bandana packaging boxes, they are subjected to the drop test. This test recreates similar conditions that can occur during the shipment of the product. The testers fill the packaging box with material that approximates the weight and size of the product to be packed in this test. Then this box is dropped from a specific height, according to the standards. The custom-printed boxes, which remain undamaged during the drop from different angles, show that they are made of high-quality material. while the packaging boxes that get damaged show weakness in the structure of those boxes.

Edge Crush Test

This is the most famous test, which is performed to check the durability of cardboard boxes. This test recreates the conditions that may occur in the storage area or warehouse. In any warehouse or storage area, the items and boxes are often stacked on one another. This can pose a problem for low-quality packaging boxes, as they may get damaged. The pressure of the different weights of the boxes on top of each other can damage the edges of the box. The edges of a low-quality packaging box will be damaged. Whereas cardboard packaging boxes with packaging printing can withstand the weight for a long period of time. This test is quite famous as it can clearly show the strength of the packaging material, which is cardboard.

The strength of Packaging material test

In order to provide the best packaging to the customers, the packaging material must be tested first. This test can test the strength of the sheets of material under a certain pressure. The packaging material used for custom bottle neckers must be able to withstand the pressure from different angles. The cardboard boxes at wholesale are subjected to a force from one side. The pressure which is applied to the packaging material is measured and it is known as the burst pressure.  This pressure can be defined as the pressure that the cardboard can safely withstand without any damage or bursting in the packaging sheet. If the packaging gets damaged during this test, it can show the poor quality of the cardboard used for the packaging. Only a high-quality cardboard packaging box can survive this test with the pressure of a certain value.


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