Best Paying BBA Jobs In Canada

Working abroad is a dream of many. Most people prefer going to Canada as the country provides a lot of job opportunities. If you are a BBA graduate, Canada is perfect for you. There are a lot of opportunities in a Management position with an excellent pay grade. However, you will need a work permit for Canada to apply for a job. 

What will you need?

Educational Credential Assessment or ECA, is a mandatory requirement when applying for a job in Canada.

Why ECA?

ECA is required to prove that your qualifications are equal to Canadian standards. Also, while applying for the immigration process ECA is mandatory. ECA will be required during the Canadian visa application process. Canada offers a post-graduate program to get work experience and maybe a Canadian permanent resident visa.

Best BBA Industries and Work

As the business and finance sector has been booming lately, Canada offers a variety of opportunities in the administration field. Let us look at some of these fantastic jobs.

Best paying BBA jobs in Canada
JobAverage Salary(CAD)
Research & Development Manager$68,250 – $110,000
Information Systems Manager$61,288 – $120,160
Human Resource Manager$54,490 – $117,502
Finance Manager/Analyst$41,008 – $127,500
Marketing Manager$37,750 – $102,667
Accountant$38,025 – $85,000
Business Administration$28,785 – $103,571
Business Consultant/Analyst$27,500 – $134,865
Operations Manager$38,636 – $135,000
Sales Manager$60,000 – $119,000
  • Research & Development Manager:- As an R&D Manager, you will conduct research and develop methods to improve your business objectives. You will also lead projects and ensure the company is up to date with new developments.
  • Information Systems Manager:- As an IT manager, you will manage the IT section of the business. You will recommend IT solutions like security solutions, software updates, etc. Instead of doing it yourself, you will be leading IT professionals.
  • Human Resource:- Human Resource deals with hiring and training job candidates. They also look after employee relations. As an HR manager, you should ensure employees are happy and safe.
  • Finance Manager:- You should be able to handle numerical tasks easily. As a Finance Manager, you will be handling the finance-related tasks of your organization. 

Job Application Process

Three immigration processes to get a Canadian permanent resident visa:-

Express Entry Option:- Three programs to get permanent residency for Express Entry candidates:- 

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

You can get your visa within six months. You should also be able to meet the requirements like English language capability, job offer, and your age.

  • Provincial Nominee Program: – Getting selected for PNP requires a job offer in your chosen territory. Also, you will need to meet PNP requirements.
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot: – You will need a job offer or a post-secondary qualification in Canada’s province to be eligible for Atlantic Immigration Pilot
  • Work permit: – If you have a job offer, you can apply for a work permit in Canada. It will be valid until your job offer length period or your visa expiration date. 


Canada provides a lot of opportunities for BBA graduates with high-paying salaries. Canada’s 11 provinces offer attractive opportunities and salaries for BBA graduates. Applying for an immigration process is easy if you meet all the requirements. Even if you don’t meet certain criteria, you can still apply for a work permit in Canada. 


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