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Top 7 Suggestions For Better Product Packaging

Your product’s packaging can make or break your advertising efforts. If your packaging is well-thought-out, your clients will be more pleased, and they will view you as trustworthy. Without the right packaging, a local business has no chance of success. These days, durable and effective packaging costs many multinational corporations millions of dollars.

Package Varieties

Good packaging is a simple yet effective method of advertising your goods and services. Some examples of available varieties are as follows:

  1. Rigid Boxes

Their rigidity in construction is obvious by the name. The standard cardboard carton has nothing on it. Rigid box packing is common in high-end retailers and retailers selling electrical gadgets to prevent damage to the expensive merchandise they sell. Packaging for watches, cosmetics, mobile devices, electronic components, and the like is often sturdy.

  1. Cardboard Packaging

They’re adaptable enough to hold virtually any item under the sun. The majority of clothing wholesalers, including VeeTrends and Wordans, ship their products in corrugated boxes. However, corrugated boxes can be great for packing by virtually any industry. Unfortunately, they are easily broken under the rough conditions of shipping. Nonetheless, they are a fantastic option for transporting any kind of merchandise.

  1. Envelopes

As a third option, envelopes can be useful for sending tiny objects. Using paper envelopes to send your products can help you save money on packing. In addition, packages can be sealed using peel-and-seal envelopes. You can also use bubble mailers to effectively protect your package during shipping. You can’t put anything breakable or valuable in the envelope, though.

  1. Jute

Jute is the best material to use for sustainable packaging that can be reused multiple times. It’s a sturdy material that may effectively provide security for your goods. They are cheaper than cotton bags and completely biodegradable. In addition, jute bags can be used as gift bags because of their attractive appearance. We recommend jute bags for small items.

  1. Plastic Bags

Use poly bags as a safe and secure alternative to regular paper or cardboard boxes. Since the opening may be locked shut securely, these bags are often referred to by another name: zip-lock bags. In addition, you may keep your electronics safe by placing them in black conductive poly bags. Poly bags, also known as polypropylene bags or polyethylene bags, are constructed from plastic and are extremely inexpensive.

  1. Bags With a Foiled Seal

They’re completely airtight and vacuum-packed, making them extremely long-lasting. As a result, there is no way for mold or germs to grow inside the package. It also serves as a barrier against the infiltration of dust and moisture. Food, cosmetics, and other perishables are kept safe from the elements when packaged in foil-seal bags.

Helpful Packaging Hints

These are some of the guidelines that a wholesaler like VeeTrends or a store like a Namesake might use while packing their merchandise.

  1. Embossed Logo

Printing your logo on the packaging is a great branding move. It will guarantee that people will take you seriously and that others will believe in your company. Not having the brand name on the front of the package gives the impression of dishonesty to the consumer. Because of this, printing a logo is a surefire way to grab the attention of potential buyers.

  1. Add Padding, Bubble Wrap Or Filler

A single item ordered by a customer can leave you with a lot of extra room in the box. If it isn’t full, it’s not working as efficiently as it could be. Bubble wrap, air pillows, Styrofoam packing peanuts, crinkle paper, and foam inserts are just some of the options for cushioning the contents of the box. 

  1. Separately Package Each Item

Don’t ruin the order by slapping some tape on everything if the customer has requested many products. Instead, you should fasten the items individually so that the buyer can take them out of the carton one by one. In addition, it makes a good impression on your customers because they will know that you took special care when shipping them their purchase.

  1. A Handwritten Note

If you’re a startup, you value each and every one of your customers immensely. Personalize each order by including a handwritten message that includes the recipient’s name. It will set you apart from the competition, and your customers will feel compelled to buy more from you. Thus, to fortify the connection between you and your client, jot down a personal letter.

  1. The Use of Color and Pattern

Color and pattern consistency in packaging is also a top recommendation. Make sure the colors you use fit the identity of your company. And to set yourself apart from the competition, employ packaging designs that stand out from the others, like patterns. There are absolutely no restrictions to just one shape when designing your pattern. Pick a color scheme that best represents the feel and personality of your product with an eye on visual appeal.

  1. A Present That Goes Along With Everything Else

It’s the thought that matters, as the old adage goes. Adding freebies to orders and sending out samples to customers is another great way to boost loyalty and awareness of your business. In addition, doing so can boost sales of the sample product. An example is a powerful tool for brand awareness through personal recommendation. 

  1. Sustainable Containers

These days, eco-consciousness is a top priority for the vast majority of consumers. They would rather buy from a company that cares about the environment and uses recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Therefore, in order to make your company more environmentally friendly, you should use jute, cotton, or biodegradable polymers instead of traditional materials for packaging.


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