Hostbillo’s Diwali Sale – Get 15% off on Russia Dedicated Server

To establish an online presence you need to require a robust and dependable web hosting type to host the website. There are many options available in the web hosting type but if your website needs a lot of resources and receives a lot of traffic then you choose a Dedicated Server in Russia. With a dedicated server, you will receive more resources and easily handle many visitors. 

Further with a Russia dedicated server, you will get Flexibility, Customizability, a high level of data security, and complete freedom to take a decision of server related. You very well know that a Dedicated server is expensive in comparison to another type of server. So there is a great deal where you can save some money. On this Diwali Hostbillo, Hosting Solution announces a Diwali sale where you can save 15% OFF on a Russia dedicated server. In this post, you will get complete information related to the Diwali sale and how to buy a Dedicated server From Hostbillo’s Diwali Sale. 

About Hostbillo Hosting Solution 

Hostbillo is a reputed and trusted web hosting provider in Russia. It gives excellent and satisfactory results to its customers at feasible prices. The company offers an extensive range of Russian dedicated servers plans & packages that ensure resilient as well as modern technologies. You also get the support of top-tier equipment with potent hardware tools. This enables you to acquire consistent optimal performance for your business website throughout. 

If you buy a Russia dedicated server from Hostbillo then you are completely free of the maintenance of the server and if any technical problem occurs then Hostbillo’s Technical Team can resolve an error as much as possible. In the Technical team Highly experts and certified people are there. 

Information About Hostbillo’s Diwali Sale 

Information About Hostbillo’s Diwali Sale 

On the festival of Diwali Hostbillo starts a sale on dedicated servers Russia Plans where you can get amazing offers and discounts. The sale started on 5 October and will run till 18 October. So, you need to hurry and get an amazing deal for your online entity. 

The company is offering a flat 15% off on the yearly plan of Dedicated Server in Russia hosting plans & packages.

On Diwali Sale, What Benefits Does Hostbillo offer with its Russia Dedicated Server Plan?

There are numerous benefits that Hostbillo offers with its Dedicated Server Russia plans. You can enjoy all these benefits when you buy a dedicated server from Hostbillo Hosting Solution. So let’s start discussing what benefits a Hostbillo gives. 

  1. Hostbillo gives a 99.90% uptime guarantee with its Best dedicated server in Russia Plan. 
  2. With Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server plans they give DDOS protection, a High level of security, data encryption, in-built antivirus software, etc. 
  3. Hostbillo gives 24*7 Instant Technical support. Hostbillo’s Technical team solves any technical issue that you can face. You have only contacted Hostbillo’s Technical Team.  
  4. Hostbillo gives an SSL Certificate with its Russia Dedicated Server plan. You cannot pay any additional money to get this certificate. 
  5. Hostbillo web hosting company delivers the highest network connectivity & unlimited bandwidth for your web business advancement.
  6. With Hostbillo’s dedicated server plans you also get the user-friendly and most effective options of the control panel. 

How Can You Take an Advantage of Hostbillo’s Diwali Sale

When you follow the below steps to buy a Russia Dedicated Server then you will get a 15% off on the plan. So follow these steps and enjoy Hostbillo’s Diwali Sale. 

Step1:- The first step you have to take is to visit the Diwali Sale page of the Hostbillo web hosting company. 

Step2:- Next, you discover the aptest web hosting plan of a Russia dedicated server according to your requirements. 

Step3:- Then, you need to add the needed products or services to your shopping cart. 

Step4:- In order to place an order, you have to log in to your Hostbillo account. If you have not made your account yet, you can easily & quickly sign up for one. 

Step5:- While you are placing the order, you must make sure to make use of the coupon DLDEDIBILLO15 for the annual plan of the Russia dedicated server to activate the offer.

Step6:- In the end, you must enter the other needed details accurately and make the payment.


A Dedicated Server is one of the most powerful and best servers. In this server, there is a capability to handle a lot of visitors and fulfills all the requirements of a website. This server gives a whole space to one website and there is no sharing of resources of server resources between a website. Many Business owners do not have enough time to handle a server so you need to choose a Wen hosting company that gives services of the Managed dedicated server. In the Managed dedicated server maintenance responsibility is fulfilled by a web hosting company. You cannot take any stress about the server maintenance.

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